New in Oxford eJournals: Journal of History and Cultures

The following free online journal has been added to Oxford eJournals and SOLO:

Journal of History and Cultures, vol. 1 (1), Sept 2012-. ISSN: 2051-221x

Journal of History and Cultures (JHAC) is ” a peer-reviewed online journal dedicated to pioneering new research in history and cultures. Drawing on theJournal of History and Cultures latest historical, cultural, political, social, and theoretical analytical research, JHAC’s overarching purpose is to foster lively and productive academic debate.

The emphasis on a wide variety of disciplines and subject matter creates a mutually enriching sphere for the interchange of perspectives and ideas. JHAC has a broad scope in both geographic and chronological terms, presenting studies with a range of local, regional, national and global foci from the medieval to contemporary era. This provides the opportunity for research from global contributors to enter a dialogue with the readership in the form of reviews, letters and an online discussion forum.” From JHAC’s Mission Statement.

You can follow JHAC on Twitter  @UoBJHAC.


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