Training sessions in Week 7 on maps and reference management

Next week Bodleain Libraries will be running a workshop on Mendeley for reference management:

mapsArcGIS Workshop for Historians (Wed 27 Feb 14.00-17.00) (wk 7)
This practical session provides an introduction to the use of GIS in historical research and analysis. It will focus on making historical maps of study areas, using symbology (colour coding etc.) to encode historical statistics and other information and extracting geographical data from scans of historic maps.
Convenor: Michael Athanson, Deputy Map Librarian, Bodleian Library
Venue: Training Room, Radcliffe Science Library > Book now

WISER: Mendeley for Reference Management (Wed 27 Feb 14.00-16.00) (wk 7)   Mendeley is a relatively new reference management tool and one which is receiving a great deal of extremely positive feedback. It does all the things that traditional reference management packages do (for example allowing you to build up a database of citations and insert them into word processed documents) but also has collaborative features for researchers.  mendeley

This session will be of interest to anyone looking for an alternative to Endnote and RefWorks as well as those who are new to reference management. > Book now
Presenter: Oliver Bridle

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