Limited access to books in Bay 4 of Lower Camera

Between Monday 8th April and Friday 12th April, a series of works is being undertaken in Bay 4 of the Lower Camera. These preliminary surveys are necessary in the context of the proposed construction of a new entrance into Lower Camera in summer 2013.

Unfortunately, books and desks in Bay 4 will be temporarily inaccessible to readers during this time. However, library staff will provide a fetching service for books in the shelfmark range BR754 and BX2470. Please ask at the staff desk for access to these books.   Staff will fetch books as quickly as possible for you.

If you know the books you will need in advance please do contact us.

(c) Bodleian Library

(c) Bodleian Library

We do not anticipate that the work will be noisy but earplugs are available from the staff desk and alternative seating provision may be found in the Upper Camera, Gladstone Link or over in the Old Library.

We apologise for any inconvenience this causes.

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