New History books in the Bodleian (week 8 April)

Quite a few books on the Holocaust have been received in the Bodleian Library but there is still a wide coverage: anything covering Spain to Poland and from early medieval to 1950s –  plus a few philosophy of history books  thrown in.

Details of 55 books received have now been added to LibraryThing.

  • medieval history (chronicles; Joan of Arc; Italian communities; legal history; Catalonian markets)
  • early modern history (French royal acts; Italian-Polish trade relations; communication; German Jesuits)
  • modern history (labour history & strikes; 19th C Dublin Archbishops; Jews in Germany, Austria, Belgium and Italy; SS men; Spanish Civil War)
  • post-1945 history (German peacemovement; German foreign policy)
  • Historiography & philosophy of history (Annales School; chronicles; historism)
  • history of science & medicine (hydraulics; breast cancer in the 18th C)

Check these out by using the browse and tag features in LibraryThing to see what is there.


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