New History books in the Bodleian (week 29 April)

After a gap of 2 weeks, I’ve now caught up with the weekly receipt of new Bodleian history books.

This week is a very mixed bag of books with covering all periods and most Western European countries : from Britain and Ireland, to France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain and Portugal, and Sweden.

Details of 32 books received have now been added to LibraryThing.

  • medieval history (1409 Council of Pisa, Spain, Black Death in towns, Languedoc)
  • early modern history (poor relief in Suffolk, Inquisition in C16 Italy, Swedish Navy, Charles V, Reformation, book culture)
  • modern history (early C19 Gibraltar, Imperial Portugal, C19 Belfast, destruction of the Blitz, Mussolini)
  • post-1945 history (Franco)
  • history of science & medicine (Black Death, evolutionary theories, history of infections)

Check these out by using the browse and tag features in LibraryThing to see what is there.



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