15 new ebooks now available

For the busy bees who can’t make it into the library, Oxford historians now have accss to 15 new ebooks which can be accessed remotely with SSO.

Sr. Bee meets Sr. Sunflower - photo by robstephaustralia on Flickr

Sr. Bee meets Sr. Sunflower – photo by robstephaustralia on Flickr

Munslow, Alun: The Routledge Companion To Historical Studies (2005)

Piotrowski, Michael: Natural language processing for historical texts (2012)

Mackay, Angus: Atlas of Medieval Europe (1996)

Aughterson, Kate: English Renaissance: an Anthology of Sources and Documents (2001)

Todd, Margo: Reformation to revolution: politics and religion in early modern England (1995)

Brewer, John: The sinews of power war, money and the English state, 1688-1783  (1989)

Reill, Dominique: Nationalists Who Feared the Nation: Adriatic Multi-Nationalism in Habsburg Dalmatia, Trieste, and Venice (2012)

Hammerton, A. James: Cruelty and companionship: conflict in nineteenth-century married life (1992)

Crawford, Elizabeth: Women’s Suffrage Movement: a Reference Guide 1866-1928 (1999)

Hall, Richard C.: The Balkan Wars, 1912-1913: prelude to the First World War (2000)

Housden, Martyn:  Resistance and conformity in the Third Reich (1997)

Lepore, Jill: The whites of their eyes the Tea Party’s revolution and the battle over American history (2010)

Beinart, William: Environment and history the taming of nature in the USA and South Africa (1995)

Olby, Robert C.: Companion to the History of Modern Science (1990)

Gonzalez-Velasco, Enrique A.: Journey through mathematics creative episodes in its history (2011)

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