How to register and use the British Library: introductory videos

Using the BL #1

Starting work on your thesis?

The time comes when a historian will simply have to make a trip to the British Library. This may be because you need to consult a book which nobody else in the UK has or because you want to make use of their extensive archival collections, which span all periods and formats (manuscripts, rare books, philatelic collections, maps, sound). Whatever your reason, it’s a fabulous experience in an amazing building with exquisite collections – so this blog is to encourage you to make the next step.

Starting out

You may be daunted by the thought of using the British Library. In the beginning, true, you will have go through the trouble of registering. You will need proof of id and address, proof of your status at Oxford University, have a list of the books or archives you want to consult and finally a supporting statement from your supervisor. My advice is to get that precious letter from your supervisor before he/she runs off to exotic but sadly internet-free places!

Easy introduction to using the BL

Check out this lovely British Library video series to learn about how to register and how to use the library. I hope you are re-assured that it is worth the effort:

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