Collect your own stack requests in Old Library – starts in August

Finger from Statue de Rollon (Rouen) by zigazou76 on Flickr

Finger from Statue de Rollon (Rouen)
by zigazou76 on Flickr

The Bodleian Library will introduce Self-Collect in the Lower Reading Room (LRR) in early August.

This is great news for those wishing to pick up your stack requests yourself.

To make this possible, the current staff-mediated reserve in LRR will close. The new Self-Collect pick-up location will be in the Reference Room, near the Main Enquiry Desk. The old reserve area will be turned into open access shelving and more desks will be added.

Timetable of changes:

  • Until 5pm on Fri. 12 July you will be able to order your books to LRR as normal.
  • You can consult those items requested in LRR until 4pm on Sat. 20 July
  • If you wish to consult those items after Sat 20 July, make sure you ask staff by 2pm on Friday 19 July for these to be transferred e.g. to Upper Reading Room (URR).
  • Otherwise, all items still in Lower Reserve on the morning of Monday 22 July will be returned to storage.
  • Between 22 July and 5 August, all non-Special Collections bookservice to the Old Library will be to URR. You can of course taken to the LRR to use if you prefer.
  • 5 August: Self-Collect service is expected to come into operation in LRR.

Please ask staff if you need any assistance with requesting material, especially while bookservice to LRR is suspended.  Thank you for your patience while we introduce this new service. Once it is up and running, we hope that you will enjoy it!

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