New: Prosopography of the Middle Byzantine Period / Byzantinische Bibliographie

I am pleased to announce that Oxford Byzantinists now have access to two online resources:

The Prosopography of the Middle Byzantine Period (The Prosopographie der mittelbyzantinischen Zeit Online)

The PMBZ Online is a comprehensive biographical dictionary for the ByzantineProsopographie der mittelbyzantinischen Zeit Empire in the early Medieval Period (641-1025 AD) documenting more than 20,000 persons. PMBZ Online is based on the print edition of the Prosopographie der mittelbyzantinischen Zeit which appeared in two parts 1998 and 2013. PMBZ Online documents all persons mentioned either by name or anonymously in the relevant Byzantine and non-Byzantine sources, and secondly all persons mentioned in the Byzantine sources both from Western Europe and from the Arabic and Slavonic areas, together with those from the Christian East. The individual articles/lemmata offer the reader a summary of a person’s biography (where possible) and state all sources pertaining to this person as well as relevant modern scholarship. The contents of an article/lemma include: name in translation and in Greek, title/occupation, place, period, sex, clergy/laity, life, works, sources, and references.

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Byzantinische Bibliographie

The Byzantinische Bibliographie is important for literature searches.

Byzantinische BibliographieIt includes the bibliographic sections of the Byzantinische Zeitschrift from volume 98 (2005) up to the present day. It contains around 30,000 entries in total, and each year about 4,000 entries will be added. The entries are organized systematically by subject area and enriched by short discussions and references to relevant review articles.

Users can either browse the bibliography by subject category (down to the fourth level) and organize the results by title, author, publication year, and relevance, or do a search by (key) word, author, publication type, publication year, publisher, ISSN, and ISBN, and combinations thereof.

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Happy searching!

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