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Oxford users now have full electronic access to Technology and Culture, an important journal for the history of technology.

Technology and Culture ejournal tpPublished by Johns Hopkins University Press “Technology and Culture publishes insightful pieces intended for general readers as well as specialists.

Readers include engineers, anthropologists, sociologists, museum curators, archivists, historians, and others.

In addition to scholarly essays, each issue features 30- 40 book reviews and reviews of new museum exhibitions. To illuminate important debates and draw attention to specific topics, the journal occasionally publishes thematic issues.

Recent special issues have focused on biomedical technology, patents and inventions, ecology, engineering in the twentieth century, and gender and technology.”  (from Project Muse website:

Full-text access is as follows:

JSTOR Arts and Sciences 7: From 1959 volume: 1 issue:1 until 2007 volume: 48 issue:4

Project MUSE Miscellaneous: From 1998 volume: 39 issue:3 to current

Table of content of the latest issue (Volume 54, Number 2, April 2013)

How New Technologies Spread: Lessons from Computing Technologies / James W. Cortada

Taming the Microworld: DuPont and the Interwar Rise of Fundamental Industrial Research / Augustin Cerveaux

Food for Soil, Food for People: Research on Food Crops, Fertilizers, and the Making of “Modern” Indian Agriculture / Madhumita Saha

Mr. Taconite: Edward W. Davis and the Promotion of Low-Grade Iron Ore, 1913-1955 / Jeffrey T. Manuel

Inside the Black Box

The Atlas and the Air Force: Reassessing the Beginnings of America’s First Intercontinental Ballistic Missile /  Christopher Gainor

Film Review
Nuclear Waste and Historical Time / Maja Fjaestad

Essay Reviews
All the Tools Fit to Print / Karen Reeds

Science and Technology beyond the Barricades / Theresa Levitt

At Work in the Fields of Their Lords / Veront M. Satchell

Rethinking the Economic History of Early Modern India / Peter A. Coclanis

Book Reviews

The Oxford Handbook of Sound Studies ed. by Trevor Pinch and Karin Bijsterveld (review by Andre Millard)

War Games: A History of War on Paper by Philipp von Hilgers (review by Daniel Bessner)

Artisans of the Body in Early Modern Italy: Identities, Families and Masculinities by Sandra Cavallo (review by Anita Guerrini)

Stays and Body Image in London: The Staymaking Trade, 1680-1810 by Lynn Sorge-English (review by Christelle Rabier)

The Colonial Machine: French Science and Overseas Expansion in the Old Regime by James E. McClellan III and François Regourd (review Henry Heller)

Making Tobacco Bright: Creating an American Commodity, 1617-1937 by Barbara Hahn (review by Drew A. Swanson)

Die moderne Strasse Planung, Bau und Verkehr vom 18. bis zum 20. Jahrhundert ed. by Hans-Liudger Dienel and Hans-Ulrich Schiedt (review by Marcus Popplow)

Roads to Power: Britain Invents the Infrastructure State by Jo Guldi (review by Patrick Carroll)

Railway by George Revill (review by Frederick Gamst)

Mountains on the Market: Industry, the Environment, and the South by Randal L. Hall (review by Robert Gudmestad)

Santa Rita del Cobre: A Copper Mining Community in New Mexico by Christopher J. Huggard and Terrence M. Humble (review by Robert L. Spude)

The Quest for Technical Knowledge: Bengal in the Nineteenth Century by Suvobrata Sarkar (review by Daniel R. Headrick)

Locomotive to Aeromotive: Octave Chanute and the Transportation Revolution by Simine Short (review by Glenn Bugos)

Reproduction by Design: Sex, Robots, Trees, and Test-Tube Babies in Interwar Britain by Angus McLaren (review by Maria Björkman)

Astounding Wonder: Imagining Science and Science Fiction in Interwar America by John Cheng (review by J. P. Telotte)

Into the Cosmos: Space Exploration and Soviet Culture ed. by James T. Andrews and Asif A. Siddiqi (review by Jenny Leigh Smith)

California Design, 1930-1965: Living in a Modern Way ed. by Wendy Kaplan (review by Sarah Lowengard)

Good Guys, Wiseguys, and Putting Up Buildings: A Life in Construction by Samuel C. Florman (review by Henry Petroski)

The Cinematic Footprint: Lights, Camera, Natural Resources by Nadia Bozak (review by Brian R. Jacobson)

Crabgrass Crucible: Suburban Nature and the Rise of Environmentalism in Twentieth-Century America by Christopher C. Sellers (review by Kristoffer Whitney)

Hormones for Life: Endocrinology, the Pharmaceutical Industry, and the Dream of a Remedy for Sterility, 1930-1970 by Christer Nordlund (review by Dominique A. Tobbello)

Embryo Politics: Ethics and Policy in Atlantic Democracies by Thomas Banchoff (review by Simon A. Cole)

The Digital Flood: The Diffusion of Information Technology across the U.S., Europe, and Asia by James W. Cortada (review by W. Patrick McCray)

User Unfriendly: Consumer Struggles with Personal Technologies, from Clocks and Sewing Machines to Cars and Computers by Joseph J. Corn (review by Kathleen Franz)

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