New: Irish Newspaper Archives (1738-)

Oxford users now have access to Irish Newspaper Archives (INA) covering 1738 to current. Bodleian Libraries is very pleased to be able to offer this much sought-after resource to its readers.

INA provides access to over the archive of over 23 Irish national and regional newspapers. It includes for instance Irish Independent (1905-2001), Leitrim Observer (1904-1998), The Munster Express (1908-2004) but also historic newspapers such as the Freeman’s Journal (1763-1924), Nation (1840-1900) and Leinster Journal (1767-1828).

INA 1914 snippet

Irish Independent, Thurs 3 Dec 1914

It is very useful not just for Irish history, literature and language, sociology and culture in general, but also for those working on British and American studies.

Happy searching! Access is via SOLO and Databases A-Z.

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