Daily Mail Historical Archive 1896-2004 – available in the British Library


Whilst the Daily Mail Historical Archive 1896-2004 is high on the modern history desiderata list, it is currently not possible for us to fund the purchase at this point in time. While efforts are ongoing to secure access, Oxford users who are very keen on this key 20th century tabloid may like to know that the British Library has bought access to this database. It is listed in their eResources list.

The Daily Mail is a well-known British daily tabloid which was first published on 4 May 1896 by Alfred Charles William Harmsworth, later Lord Northcliffe, and his brother Harold, later Lord Rothermere. This resource provides access to more than 100 years of this publication, which boasts a circulation now of over 2 million.

It can be viewed in full digital facsimile form, with copious advertisements, news stories and images that capture 20th century culture and society.

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