BL’s Colindale Newspaper Reading Room closes today (8 Nov 2013)

ColindaleAs you may or may not know, the BL’s Colindale Newspaper Reading Room closes today. Vast volumes of newspapers have been moved to Boston Spa where the Newspaper Storage Building (NSB) is apparently substantially complete. The newspapers moving to NSB are expected to become available again in autumn 2014.

The BL’s News and Media Reading Room will open in March 2014. Note that you will need a full BL reader pass to get access.

“Colindale users who currently have a Newspaper Library Reader Pass are therefore strongly encouraged to upgrade to a full British Library Reader Pass, which they will need in order to access the collections held at St Pancras. You can find full information about registering for a British Library Reader Pass.”

“Resources that can be consulted in any of the Reading Rooms include the British Newspaper Archive which features nearly 7 million searchable pages of newspapers from across the UK. “ Please note that BNA does not offer us to take out an institutional license.

Taken from the BL Collections Move Bulletin October 2013.

Searching for newspapers in BL Explore

The BL has a special newspaper catalogue which is very useful for locating the titles of newspapers published in towns or region. Here’s what to do:

  1. Go to BL Explore
  2. Click on Advanced search
  3. In Search Scope, select Newspaper Library
  4. In the search form, change Anywhere to Place Name
  5. Type in any place name and you will get a listing of newspapers held at the BL.
  6. Search by newspaper title in SOLO to see if Oxford has the newspaper.
  7. Bob’s your uncle.

Explore BL newspaper place search


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