New: Miscellanea Mediaevalia now online

I am pleased to report that Oxford medievalists now have online access to Miscellanea Mediaevalia via SOLO or OxLIP+.

Available online as full-text in the pdf format, the series Miscellanea Mediaevalia was founded by Paul Wilpert in 1962 and since then has presented research from the Thomas Institute of the University of Cologne. The cornerstone of the series is provided by the proceedings of the biennial Cologne Medieval Studies Conferences, which were established over 50 years ago by Josef Koch, the founding director of the Institute.

The interdisciplinary nature of these conferences is reflected in the proceedings. The Miscellanea Mediaevalia gather together papers from all disciplines represented in Medieval Studies – medieval history, philosophy, theology, together with art and literature, all contribute to an overall perspective of the Middle Ages.

Details of the individual volumes in the series will soon appear in SOLO as ebooks.

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