New: Journal of Cold War Studies now available online

Oxford users now have full electronic access to Journal of Cold War Studies [ISSN 1520-3972], vol 1 (1), 1999 to current issues. Access is currently via OU eJournals and soon also via SOLO.

Journal of Cold War Studies coverEdited by Mark Kramer, “the Journal of Cold War Studies features peer-reviewed articles based on archival research in the former Communist world and in Western countries. Articles in the journal draw on declassified materials and new memoirs to illuminate and raise questions about numerous historical and theoretical concerns: theories of decision-making, deterrence, bureaucratic politics, institutional formation, bargaining, diplomacy, foreign policy conduct, and international relations.

Using the latest evidence, the authors subject these theories, and others, to rigorous empirical analysis. The journal also includes an extensive section of reviews of new books pertaining to the Cold War and international politics.

The journal is published by the MIT Press for the Harvard Project on Cold War Studies.” MIT Press Journals.

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