Humanities Journals to be re-sequenced into a single run in week 6 and 13 January

History journalsOver the course of this week and next, the Humanities Periodicals section in the Lower  Gladstone Link, covering the journals sequences for PER HIST (History), PER ENG (English) and so on, will be re-sequenced into a single interdisciplinary section.

They will remain in the same area of the Lower Gladstone Link and will shelved alphabetically by title.

When searching SOLO, journals shelved in the Lower Gladstone Link will have the shelfmark PER HUMS.

Handlists will be available in situ to help you.

Oxford has of course excellent ejournal collections so check SOLO or OU eJournals to find these online. Here is a guide to using OU eJournals. If you need help in how to browse ejournals and set up alerts, then just contact library staff.

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