Oxford DNB January 2014 update: 219 new biographies added (Michael Foot, Tony Judt, etc.)

The latest update of the Oxford DNB was published on 16 January 2014. It adds biographies of 219 men and women who shaped modern British history and culture, and who died in the year 2010.

ODNB Jan 2014 update

Among those now included are the politician and Labour leader Michael Foot, the music and fashion impresario, Malcolm McLaren, historians Tony Judt and J.R. Pole, and the novelists Beryl Bainbridge and Alan Sillitoe. The story of the author Beryl Bainbridge (1932-2010) is also available as an episode of the Oxford DNB’s free biography podcast.

There’s a full list of 219 additions available, together with a free gallery of selected biographies and an Introduction to the new update.

The new update brings the total number of people include in the ODNB to 59,003. The next update will be published in May 2014 and will include a special focus on the post-reformation Catholic diaspora, and the history of British cinema.

The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography is available to Oxford readers via SOLO and Databases A-Z.

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