Course 1 April: Historical Research: Databases for research in History and Archaeology

Tuesday 1 April, 9am-5pm, IT Services

This special workshop aims to help historians and archaeologists think about using relational databases to analyse their historical data.

In this one-day workshop for Historians and Archaeologists, you will learn some of the key skills in using a computer to support Historical Research.

Dr Antony Buxton, a tutor in design and domestic history at the Department of Continuing Education at Oxford University, will explain how he and others use computers for investigative reporting.  Teachers from Oxford’s IT Learning Programme will introduce the principles of computerised databases and, importantly, ways of tailoring their design for specific research projects.

During the workshop you will have the opportunity to create a simple database and analyse historical data.

There will be database experts on hand to offer assistance and they will be happy to discuss any database development you are doing.

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