New ejournal: Translating the Americas, 1 (2013)-

The University of Michigan’s Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies has launched Translating the Americas (ISSN 2331-687X), a online open-access journal.Translating the Americas ejournal - cover

Translating the Americas supports collaborations between University of Michigan faculty and overseas colleagues. This journal makes UM faculty research about Latin America and the Caribbean available in Spanish, Portuguese or Kreyol and it provides English translations of important works originally written in Spanish, French, and Portuguese. ”

The journal can be accessed here. It is also listed in SOLO and OU eJournals.

Table of Content v 1 (Fall 2013):

  • Las migraciones de Arturo Schomburg: Ser Antillano, Negro y Puertorriqueño en Nueva York. 1891-1917 / Hoffnung-Garskof, Jesse
  • Slavery in Brazil: Brazilian Scholars in the Key Interpretive Debates / Hébrard, Jean M.
  • Affirmative Action: An Opinion Submitted to the Brazilian Supreme Court in the Case ADPF/186 / Felipe de Alencastro, Luiz
  • O Trabalho Escravo Contemporâneo e os Usos da História / Scott, Rebecca J.
  • Labor Analogous to Slavery: The Construction of a Problem  / de Castro Gomes, Angela
  • Re-enslavement, Rights and Justice in Nineteenth-Century Brazil / Grinberg, Keila

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