Self-Collect starts in Bod’s Upper Reading Room, Mon 7 April

BOD self-college - imageGood news for Bodleian readers. From 7th April 2014 readers can collect the books they have ordered to the Upper Reading Room themselves without waiting for staff intervention. This service is already used successfully in the Lower Reading Room and the Lower Camera. A staff-mediated reserve will continue.

Where are the self-collect shelves in the Upper Reading Room?

The ‘Upper RR (Self-Collect)’ point is in the Old Upper Reserve (currently names H-O) on the Catte Street side. It will be clearly labelled.

Bod URR Self-collectWhat can you order to Self-Collect?

Some items are not suitable for request to Self Collect points due to format, age, size etc. If SOLO does not offer Self Collect delivery locations as options when you place a hold request, that particular item will need to be ordered to a staff mediated delivery location.

Modern books and single journal parts can be ordered to the Self-Collect shelves.
Other items, such as post-1701 Special Collections, large books, multiple part items or non-book items such as microfilms, must be ordered to the ‘Upper RR (Staffed Desk)’.

How much can you order?

Up to 10 items may be held per person shared between the two Upper RR Delivery points.

How will you find the right location in SOLO?

This is how the menu will display on SOLO when the ‘Upper RR (Self-Collect)’ opens:

BOD self-collect - SOLO locations1You may have noticed that the Delivery/Pickup Location ‘Upper Reading Room’ has already changed its name to ‘Upper RR (Staffed Desk)’

How do I find my books on the Self-Collect shelves and what is my Self-Collect ID?

All items requested to Self Collect points come with the normal hold request slip, which should stay with the item at all times. For reasons of privacy, slips for Self Collect items will not give readers full names and University/Library card barcode details. They will, instead, display your Self Collect ID. This is made up of the first 3 digits of the reader’s surname and the last 4 numbers of the University/Library card barcode.

BOD self-collect - univ cardSir Christopher Wren, barcode=280477. His Self Collect ID is therefore Wre4772.

What should I do to keep the book(s)?

You should refile items they wish to see again at the correct point in the sequence.

Any items that are for return to closed storage should be left on the labelled trolley near the Self Collect shelves, or handed in at the staff point in Upper Reading Room.

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If you have a particular question or comment on the Self Collect service, please email:

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