12/06/14, How to read Galileo: 17th-century annotations in Bodleian copies of ‘Two New Sciences’

Readers are invited to attend a talk at 3:15pm tomorrow in the Group Study Room of the Radcliffe Science Library, where visiting scholar Dr Renée Raphael will be discussing two locally held copies of Galileo’s Two New Sciences (1638).

Dr Raphael will outline the range of scholarly practices evidenced in the first two editions of these texts (including summarising, re-working proofs and re-drawing diagrams), via reference to the research question, ‘How did period readers study Galileo’s 1638 Two New Sciences, now regarded as a canonical text in the history of science for its mathematical and experimental approaches to and key findings regarding the laws of falling bodies?’

T1666Galileo2NewSciences_edThis case study forms part of a larger project considering scholarly methods during this period, and is likely to be of relevance to those with an interest in mid-to-late seventeenth-century thinkers. All are welcome to attend, but space is limited. Please email bookcentre@bodleian.ox.ac.uk to reserve your place.

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