Bodleian receives Charles I’s travelling library

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What has the Bodleian received for Christmas?
A spectacular travel-sized library that once belonged to Prince Charles, later King Charles I.


It has been bequeathed by John McLaren Emmerson, DPhil (Oxon) to mark the part played by the University and City in the English Civil War, and in grateful recollection of many enjoyable and informative visits to the Bodleian.

This latest addition to the Bodleian Libraries collection is like a 17th century version of a Kindle. Two red leather cases, designed in the 1970s by Sangorski and Sutcliffe to look like two large books, open up to reveal 59 small volumes covering just about everything that a wealthy educated gentleman would want to read on his travels.

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2 thoughts on “Bodleian receives Charles I’s travelling library

  1. Yes, that donation is wonderful, isn’t it. I’ve fixed the link. Thanks for reporting it.

  2. Wow – this historian is very jealous. Just so you know, your ‘continue reading’ link is down (although the one at the top works fine).

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