Now online until 2009: Indice histórico español (Spanish Historical Index) (IHE)

The free electronic version of the Indice histórico español (IHE) has been added to SOLO. This is great if you are researching Iberian history and are looking for critical or secondary sources.

Indice Historico Espanol - screenshotIHE is Spain’s national bibliography for historiography, indexing since 1953 the published output relating to Spanish historiography. Published monthly, it lists and describes each new book or article published in any journal which is relevant.

The searching is very basic and involves much browsing. The first stage of the magazine, currently 1 (1953) -124 (2009), is open and free.

Other historical bibliographies available in Oxford (great for literature searches!)

  • Oxford Bibliographies (medieval, Renaissance & Reformation, Atlantic history, Latin America, military history)
  • Historical Abstracts (early modern-modern, world except N America)
  • International Medieval Bibliography
  • Byzantinische Bibliographie
  • EconLit (economic history)
  • ATLA (religious & church history)
  • Index Religiosus (religious & church history)
  • Philosopher’s Index (history of ideas)

These are available online via SOLO or Databases A-Z.




  • Österreichische historische Bibliographie. 1967-. Available online.


  • Dansk Historisk Bibliografi. 1990- available online.


  • Répertoire bibliographique de l’histoire de France. 1920-31.
  • Bibliographie annuelle de l’histoire de France. 1953-.


  • Jahresberichte der Geschichtswissenschaft. 1880-1916
  • Jahresberichte der deutschen Geschichte. 1918-1924
  • Jahresberichte für deutsche Geschichte. (Leipzig, 1927-). 1974- available online
  • Historische Bibliographie. 1986-. 1990- available online

Great Britain & Ireland

  • Bibliography of British and Irish History (BBIH). Available online via SOLO or Databases A-Z.


  • Bibliografia Storica Nazionale. 1939-99.  2000- available online.

Middle East & Islamic world


  • De Digitale Bibliografie Nederlandse Geschiedenis. Available online.


  • Indice histórico español. 1953-. Available online upto v.123 (2012).


  • Bibliographie der Schweizergeschichte. 1913-. 1999- available online.

European Historical Bibliographies - screenshotSee also the

European Historical Bibliographies project.

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