New: e-access to British Catholic History, 2010- (formerly Recusant History)

BCH coverI am pleased to report that Oxford users now have electronic access to British Catholic History, volume 30:1, 2010 onwards.

Published on behalf of the Catholic Record Society, it was formerly known as Recusant History 4 (1957) – 31 (2014) and prior to that as Biographical Studies 1 (1951) – 3 (1956).

The journal publishes peer-reviewed research articles and reviews on the history of British and Irish Catholicism at home and throughout the world covering all aspects of British Catholic history from the 15th century up to the present day. It emphasises the multi-faceted, national and international dimensions of British Catholic history.

The journal welcomes contributions on all approaches to the Catholic experience including the intellectual, political, material, cultural, theological, literary, sociological, philosophical, economic, gendered, artistic, musical, educational and polemical.

Access is via SOLO (shortly) and OU eJournals.

2 thoughts on “New: e-access to British Catholic History, 2010- (formerly Recusant History)

  1. Could I get a copy of the article on Thomas Pounde et al. in Recusant History 27 (2004) pp.31-49? I am a member of the London Library.


    John Eddowes

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