New e-access: History Today, 1951-current

Members of Oxford University now have e-access to the entire History Today magazine, covering the first issue of 1951 to current content. The website also includes most of the articles from History Review, the periodical for history students and teachers. On the History Today website, you can access History Review from v. 22 (Sept 1995) to v. 72 (March 2012) which was the last issue published.

Please note that a password is required to access this resource (see Access below).

History Today is a monthly and heavily illustrated magazine which is aimed at the general public as well as the academic historians. It has serious articles on historical places, people, events, historians and historical methods. It will often feature articles which take a historical look at current problems areas:

History Today - content screenshotAccess

Access to the full-text requires a username and password to the History Today website. They are made available on a WebLearn page to which members of Oxford University with SSO need to sign in first.

History Today - SFX screenshot

Once you are on the History Today website, you should then sign in with the username and password listed on the WebLearn page.History Today - login

For reasons of cost, the subscription can only support 10 concurrent users at a time. It would therefore be helpful if readers could remember to log out after a session.


You can search the archive thematically (useful for brushing up some basics) or you can search for a specific article. Once you have an article, you can then also use tags to find related content.

Print or email

Articles can be printed out or emailed to others. Please note that the email will not send the entire article text but only an introductory paragraph with a direct link to the article. The recipient must therefore be likewise an authorised user and get the password from said WebLearn page (s.a.).

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