SOLO upgrade 14 July: new features & improvements

SOLO was upgraded this morning. Some highlights of the changes include:

1. Online access indicators – prominent green dots show where we have the item online and also notes the existence of physical copies. electronic Legal Deposit items display an orange dot.

SOLO upgrde 14 July 2015 - dots and permalinks2. Info buttons in Find & Request tab – these currently link to the library information pages at upgrde 14 July 2015 - info button3. Browse related titles – any book records with a Library of Congress or National Library of Medicine classification field will show results with pictures of book covers underneath. This allows readers to scroll through books with adjacent classification numbers.

SOLO upgrde 14 July 2015 - browse related Other features include:

  • Boolean operators now available in advanced search interface to help build complex queries
  • Holdings information display improvements for items with multiple lines. SOLO upgrde 14 July 2015 - holdingsIf you click on “More holdings information” there is this pop-up:

SOLO upgrde 14 July 2015 - holdings pop up

  • Permalink – a stable url is now provided more prominently, giving you a quick way to copy the link to a particular result in SOLO to send to a reader or refer to in a guide/reading list. The previous ‘link to this record’ links are no longer visible although they will still work.

SOLO upgrde 14 July 2015 - permalinksImprovements have also been continuing apace between upgrades. You may have already noticed that:

  • if you try leaving an open SOLO session unused for a while (up to 30 minutes, which is the official timeout period), you should now be able to continue with the same session.
  • the Search Everything tab is now better at intermingling results from the other two tabs (Oxford Collections and Articles & More)
  • searching for Chinese and Japanese materials are much improved
  • Hebrew alternative spellings are now included in searches

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