Entering and exiting the RadCam – video

The Radcliffe Camera is so beautiful and famous that many tourists and members of the public, quite understandably, want to come in and take a look. As it’s a working library, however, access is restricted to registered readers only. This means that our readers will have to swipe themselves into the library – twice!

Here is a little 60 second video explaining how this is done.

Entering & exiting the RadCam - 60sec video - IH

Click to start video. Turn on sound to hear the jaunty tune – but not if you are in a reading room!

Tourists and other visitors are invited to book themselves on a tour if they want to see the inside of the Bodleian Library and Radcliffe Camera. You can also catch a glimpse inside the historic Radcliffe Camera with this 360-degree panorama:

RadCam 360 degree - snapshot

We also have some more photos on our Flickr pages.

If you yourself are a member of the University and want to take a guest in, then I’m afraid you can only show them then even more beautiful Duke Humfrey’s Library, Old Bodleian. You will need to get a visitor pass of your guest(s) from the Bodleian Admissions Office, Weston Library.

And if anybody wants to join the library as a reader, then you are more than welcome to do so. Please also see the Bodleian Admissions Office website for more information.

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