HFL book moves in Gladstone Link 4th-8th July

UA-Z shelving in UGL

Gladstone shelving in UGL_3 Monday 4th July – Friday 8th July 2016

Book moves in Gladstone Link:

  • HFL sequence S-Z moving from Upper Gladstone Link to Lower Gladstone Link.
  • Respacing of HC-R sequence in Upper Gladstone Link

We need to create more space for our growing collection of History Faculty Library books. We will be moving the S-Z sequence from the Upper Gladstone Link down to the Lower Gladstone Link. This gives us approximately 40 metres of shelf space to use to re-space the very tight HC-R sequence.


Library staff will be working on moving the S-Z section down to the Lower Gladstone Link on Monday 4th July and then will be re-spacing the HC-R section of books in the Upper Gladstone Link for the rest of the week. Although we will endeavour to work quietly, shifting books inevitably creates some noise!

Signage will be put in place but if you can’t find a book please come and ask library staff for help.

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