New: Studies in Church History, v. 46 (2010) to current issue, is now online

Studies in Church History - coverBusy Oxford historians and theologians working on Christian church history will be pleased to know that Studies in Church History (ISSN 0424-2084) is now available online from volume 46 (2010) via SOLO (very shortly) and OU eJournals. For older volumes, please search SOLO to find the printed copies.

With v. 52 (2016) Cambridge University Press has taken over the publication of this annually published series which include selected themed papers and communications of the Ecclesiastical History Society‘s conferences.

“These volumes endeavour to explore a theme (chosen by the president for the year), providing a snapshot of current scholarship on a particular aspect of church history. Essays may focus on issues of detail, or take a broad perspective. They should be a helpful starting point for the student approaching particular issues in the history of Christianity, and are often of interest to those working in other disciplines. Each volume comprises around thirty essays, ranging widely throughout Christian history.” from, accessed 21 July 2016

If you want to keep up with this series, just set up a Content Alert with Cambridge Journals.

Past themes of Studies in Church History:

  • Doubting Christianity: the Church and Doubt (v. 52)
  • Christianity and Religious Plurality (v. 51)
  • Religion and the Household (v. 50)
  • The Church on its Past (v. 49)
  • The Church and Literature (v. 48)
  • Saints and Sanctity (v. 47)
  • God’s Bounty: The Churches and the Natural World (v. 46)


Also of interest:

Ecclesiastical History Society Summer Conference 2016: The Church and Empire
University of Edinburgh, 26-28 July 2016

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