Newly received History books: medieval and early modern Dutch markets, Swiss Reformation, Imperial China, Cologne monastery, early 20th Century children’s literature

The latest history books on our virtual New Books Display includes a number of interesting titles:

Philippe Depreux, Compétition et sacré au Haut Moyen Âge : entre médiation et exclusion (Turnhout, 201)

Bavel, B. J. P. van, Manors and markets : economy and society in the Low Countries, 500-1600 (Oxford, 2016)

Burnett, Amy Nelson; Campi, Emidio, A companion to the Swiss Reformation. (Leiden, 2016)

Porter, Jonathan, Imperial China, 1350-1900 (Lanham, 2016)

Rosen, Wolfgang, Die Ökonomie des Kölner Stiftes St. Aposteln : Strukturen und Entwicklungen vom Mittelalter bis 1802. (Köln, 2016)

Reynolds, Kimberley, Left out : the forgotten tradition of radical publishing for children in Britain 1910-1949 (Oxford, 2016)

New History books 10 August 2016There is more!

Many more new books were received. You can find them all here.

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