Newly received History books: Egyptian maths, Medieval Wales, Martin Luther, 19th century Europe, Royal Navy & Cold War

In this week’s batch of new History books, I selected titles relevant for most periods. There are also two much-anticipated books by the two Regius Professors of History from Cambridge and Oxford, Prof. R. Evans and Prof. L. Roper. Enjoy!

Imhausen, Annette, Mathematics in ancient Egypt : a contextual history (Princeton, 2016)

Stephenson, David, Medieval Powys kingdom, principality and lordships, 1132-1293 (Woodbridge, 2016)

Roper, Lyndal, Martin Luther : renegade and prophet (London, 2016)

Evans, Richard J., The pursuit of power : Europe 1815-1914 (London, 2016)

Bennett, G. H., The Royal Navy in the age of austerity 1919-22 : naval and foreign policy under Lloyd George (London, 2016)

Spohr, Kristina, Transcending the Cold War : summits, statecraft, and the dissolution of bipolarity in Europe, 1970-1990 (Oxford, 2016)

new-history-books-20-sept-2016There is more!

Many more new books were received. You can find them all here.

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