New: online access to Deutsche Reichsanzeiger und Preußischer Staatsanzeiger 1819-1945

Oxford reseachers now have access to the digitised Deutsche Reichsanzeiger und Preußischer Staatsanzeiger 1819-1945. It is listed in Databases A-Z and will soon also appear in SOLO.

The Deutsche Reichsanzeiger and Preußische Staatsanzeiger was a newspaper that appeared until April 1945 and acted as the official press organ of the state of Prussia and then the German Reich. The history of the newspaper goes back to 2 January 1819, changing title and scope in the course of time. Included in this online resource are:

  • Allgemeine Preußische Staats-Zeitung, 1819 (1) (2 January) – 1843 (179) (30 June)
  • Allgemeine Preußische Zeitung, 1843 (1) (1 July) – 1848 (119) (30 April)
  • Preußischer Staats-Anzeiger, 1848 (1) (1/3 May) – 1851 (179) (30 June)
  • Königlich Preußischer Staats-Anzeiger, 1851 (1) (1 July) – 1871 (116) (2 May)
  • Deutscher Reichs-Anzeiger und Königlich Preußischer Staats-Anzeiger, 1871 (1) (4 May) – 1918 (267) (9 November)
  • Deutscher Reichsanzeiger und Preußischer Staatsanzeiger, 1918 (268) (12 November) – 1945 (49) (14 April)

The content also changed over time. Alongside interesting government-controlled editorial sections, the value of this resource lies in an enormous treasure of orderly gathered microdata.  While the gazette published official government notices, in the course of the second half of the 19th century it also published details relating to trade and commerce (e.g. bankruptcies) and between 1873 and Deb 1943 also stock market information.

Königlich Preußischer Staats-Anzeiger, no. 3, 4 January 1871

This resource will also be of interest to those engaged in genealogical studies in Germany in as far as it published extensive lists of casualties during the First World War and expatriation lists during the Third Reich.

Deutscher Reichs-Anzeiger und Königlich Preußischer Staats-Anzeiger, no 137, 13 June 1916

The text is in German Gothic script. You can zoom in and out to enlarge the text and easily create a snippet image to save or print out. Full-text searching is possible also.

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4 thoughts on “New: online access to Deutsche Reichsanzeiger und Preußischer Staatsanzeiger 1819-1945

  1. How can I determine the exact date or year my father and grandfather’s names were published in the Reichsanzeiger when their citizenship was revoked by the Nazi regime as German Jewish emigrants?

  2. Dear Peter

    I am trying to obtain information on my grandfather, Heinz Ludwig Mueller / Von Weissenburg Mueller/Muller who was taken as POW of the Bolscheviks and apparently subsequently escaped. Am trying to establish if he lost his citizenship during this period.

  3. The expatriation lists was digitizalized by Herbert Birett (*1934- +2015)

    He was a librarian of profession and searched through multitudinous newspapers for the tiniest information about silent movies, cinemas and enterprises around that business between 1890 and 1945.

    The main documentation happened through the state-run censorship, published in public newspapers.

    Within those newspapers he discovered 2 other lists of censored items:
    – books and postcards which mentioned the country Poland which was suppose not to exists.
    – the expropriate, expatriation, deprivation of citizenship and dispossession of academic title between 1933 and 1945 printed in public newspapers.

    In hours of meticulously work he typed the data into ASCII files on his computer, filtering just the names for the website and responding to inquiries by mail.

    This data-set is still looking for a new owner, an institution which transfers them into a database and offers direct access through a website for all inquiries – people who seek for info about their relative lost/not told stories in those years.

    Peter (his son)

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