New on ArtSTOR: Social documentary photographs by Milton Rogovin

The Rogovin Collection has contributed 260 images of Milton Rogovin’s social documentary photography. A documentary photographer and political activist, Milton Rogovin (b. 1909) is best known for his portraits of the poor and working class, and his depictions of their lives, communities, and working conditions. [more].

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New on ArtSTOR: European popular imagery from the Harry Ransom Center

ARTstor has collaborated with the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas at Austin to share approximately 800 images of European prints documenting popular culture in the Digital Library. These images depict works in the Ransom Center’s European popular imagery collection, which consists of woodcuts, engravings, etchings, and mezzotints from the 16th through 18th centuries.

The prints document popular culture throughout Europe, covering a variety of subject matter, including: political and religious satire, social allegory, science and technology, advertising, erotica, Dance of Death imagery, and historical events.

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ARTstor: digital images for History of Science and Medicine

Wednesday 5 May, 11.00-13.00, Radcliffe Science Library Training Room.

ARTstor is not just for artists! It’s a digital collection of 1 million high-quality images, from the world’s leading museums, photo archives, art galleries, and libraries (including the Bodleian). As such it’s relevant to many research areas including history of science and medicine, and social sciences (as well as archaeology, art and architecture and the humanities in general). We will highlight the science-related material in ARTstor, and also demonstrate ways of viewing, managing and presenting images in your research or teaching.

The 2-hour session is designed to provide plenty of time for hands-on exploration of ARTstor, when we will be available to help you navigate the database. Session attendees do not need to stay for the entire 2 hours.

Key topics:

  • Access and registration
  • Collections’ content
  • Searching the collections
  • Organizing images
  • Making presentations
  • Using the Offline Image Viewer

Presenters: Vicky Brown, Visual Resources Curator, History of Art Dept.

Clare Hills-Nova, History of Art, and Italian Literature and Language Librarian.

To book a place please contact Juliet Ralph.

ArtSTOR update: images of Cook’s Voyages

Images now available: Cook’s Voyages to the South Seas (Natural History Museum, London)

ARTstor has collaborated with the Natural History Museum, London to share 1,647 images of botanical and zoological illustrations associated with Captain James Cook’s expeditions to the South Pacific from 1768 – 1779.

ArtSTOR is available to Oxford University users via OxLIP+.