May Bank Holiday Opening Hours

On Monday 4th & Monday 25th May Bank Holidays the Bodleian Library (Old Library, Gladstone Link and Radcliffe Camera) will be open for usual term time hours as follows:-

Old Bodleian Library and Radcliffe Camera: 9am – 10pm

Gladstone Link: 9am – 9.30pm (entrances closed at 9.15pm)

Please note that Duke Humfrey’s Library will close at 7pm as usual.

The book service will operate as normal.

Please clear your desk when you leave the library!


As it is a busy exam term, where pressure on seats is high, we are trialling a new policy of asking readers to clear their desks when they leave the library for a break of more than an hour or at the end of the day.  This should make it easier for other readers to find a seat when they arrive.

Please note that:

  • open shelf material should be placed on the shelving trollies in the  reading rooms
  • stack material should be returned to its collection point to be retained for future use; any stack material left on trollies or desks at the end of the day will be returned to storage
  • you should not leave your personal belongings unattended if taking a break of less than an hour

PCAS downtime 24th/25th March

PCAS logo

Unfortunately, PCAS will not be available on Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th March due to migration to new software and servers which will make PCAS more reliable.  During the downtime, it won’t be possible to print, copy, scan, access WebPay accounts or make Scan and Deliver Requests.  Print jobs sent but not collected before 24th March may not be printable.

After the upgrade, printing from sunrays will be withdrawn and the login screen on the machines will look slightly different (see below), but otherwise the system will work as before.   We apologise for the disruption.

PCAS login

Bodleian receives Charles I’s travelling library

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What has the Bodleian received for Christmas?
A spectacular travel-sized library that once belonged to Prince Charles, later King Charles I.


It has been bequeathed by John McLaren Emmerson, DPhil (Oxon) to mark the part played by the University and City in the English Civil War, and in grateful recollection of many enjoyable and informative visits to the Bodleian.

This latest addition to the Bodleian Libraries collection is like a 17th century version of a Kindle. Two red leather cases, designed in the 1970s by Sangorski and Sutcliffe to look like two large books, open up to reveal 59 small volumes covering just about everything that a wealthy educated gentleman would want to read on his travels.

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Temporary closure of Duke Humfrey’s Library 15th-23rd December

Temporary closure of Duke Humfrey’s Library

Please be advised that Duke Humfrey’s Library will be closed to readers Monday 15Duke_humfreys December –Tuesday 23 December inclusive to facilitate book moves.

If you need to see an item kept in Selden End of Duke Humfrey, please speak to staff at the Upper Reserve who will arrange for material to be fetched.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by these book moves.

Duke Humfrey’s Library – a glorious reading room for our readers

As the Weston Library is now open to library users, Special Collections operations have relocated from Duke Humfrey’s Library (DH) to the newly opened reading rooms in the Weston.

Historians will be delighted to know that Duke Humfrey’s Library reopened as a reader space on 13 October, overseen by the Bodleian Library Reader Services Department. This will offer more, quiet study space in the Old Bodleian Library to augment the seating currently available.

What are the opening hours?
Monday – Friday: 09.00-19.00
Saturday: 10.00-16.00
Who can use it?

Readers with all types of University/Library cards can use Duke Humfrey’s Library. Please show your card at the Security point if asked to do so.

> Regulations in the use of Duke Humfrey’s Library.

What collections will be in the Selden End?

Duke Humfrey’s Library will continue to function as an invigilated reading room supporting higher-level studies in the Humanities. Current open-shelf collections for English local history (R.Top) and medieval and church history sources (R.1-3) will all remain in the reading room. There are plans to add more collections, such as historical biography (e.g. Clergy List, Almanach de Gotha), historical resources (e.g. List & Index Society) and more. In view of the resource-intensive work and not wishing to disrupt our readers, moving additions into the room will not take place until Christmas Vacation.

Early printed material will remain in situ and be transferred for consultation in the Weston Library as required, along with other special collections materials.

Regulations regarding the use of Duke Humfrey’s Library:


  • Only small handbag-type bags can be brought into the reading room (approximate maximum size 25cm x 18cm). No other bags can be brought into DH (including laptop bags/cases).
  • Lockers are available on the way into the library and clear plastic bags are supplied for you to bring belongings into DH.
  • All bags should be offered to the Security Team Member for inspection on entry, and bags will be searched on exit.

You may not bring any food or drink into DH, even in sealed containers. This includes bottled water.

Pens can be used in DH. Power and data sockets are available for laptops.

You may not access the books in Arts End, or climb the stairs into the Arts End galleries. These items should be requested on SOLO for use in the Weston Library.

At the moment reader seating is available only in Selden End. You may not enter the bays off the main aisle of DH, or access the books on the shelves there. Items in the bay should be requested on SOLO for use in the Weston Library.

Please respect the photography regulations displayed. No photographs should be taken of Duke Humfrey’s Library itself.

Books can freely circulate: Material from the shelves in Selden End can be taken out of DH for use in other reading rooms and for photocopying. Staff at the Security point may ask to inspect such items as you leave DH.

Material from other reading rooms, including material ordered from storage, can be taken to Selden End to be read. Please return any material you have brought into DH to its point of origin when you leave. Staff at the Security point may ask to inspect such items as you leave DH. (It will be assumed any material from storage found in DH is finished with and this will be returned to the storage facility.)

12/06/14, How to read Galileo: 17th-century annotations in Bodleian copies of ‘Two New Sciences’

Readers are invited to attend a talk at 3:15pm tomorrow in the Group Study Room of the Radcliffe Science Library, where visiting scholar Dr Renée Raphael will be discussing two locally held copies of Galileo’s Two New Sciences (1638).

Dr Raphael will outline the range of scholarly practices evidenced in the first two editions of these texts (including summarising, re-working proofs and re-drawing diagrams), via reference to the research question, ‘How did period readers study Galileo’s 1638 Two New Sciences, now regarded as a canonical text in the history of science for its mathematical and experimental approaches to and key findings regarding the laws of falling bodies?’

T1666Galileo2NewSciences_edThis case study forms part of a larger project considering scholarly methods during this period, and is likely to be of relevance to those with an interest in mid-to-late seventeenth-century thinkers. All are welcome to attend, but space is limited. Please email to reserve your place.

Discovering World War I in the Archives, 18th June

Historians with an interest in WWI are invited to attend a free event at Convocation House between 2-4pm on 18th June, hosted by the directors and curators of three world-famous archives.

Speakers from the Bibliothèque National et Universitaire de Strasbourg, Deutsches Literaturarchiv Marbach and Bodleian Libraries will describe key items from each archive, providing attendees with an opportunity to learn about the choices and discoveries made in selecting material to tell stories of World War I

Participants will also be invited to discuss themes emerging from commemorative exhibitions held at each of the archives, with a view to comparing and contrasting some of the most historically significant resources in Europe.

This promises to be an engaging event, and a rare opportunity to gain insight from some of the leading authorities in this area. Places are limited, with those interested advised to book their places in advance by clicking here.


Open Access Monographs: Oxford forum, 18/06/14

On Wednesday 18th June, there will be an opportunity for Oxford academics and researchers to debate the issues around scholarly monographs and Open Access. Both publishers and funders will be in attendance, with speakers including Geoffrey Crossick (HEFCE project, Chair), Cecy Marden (Wellcome Trust), Frances Pinter (Knowledge Unlatched) and Rhodri Jackson (OUP; OAPEN-UK project). At the end of the forum there will be a Questions and Answers panel joined by Sally Rumsey (Oxford Research Archive), which should provide for further discussion of the current challenges and initiatives in Open Access monograph publishing. It is anticipated that the dialogue of the forum will feed into HEFCE’s Monographs and Open Access project.

The event will be held at the Radcliffe Humanities Lecture Room between 2-5:30pm. All are welcome, but booking is advised. For further details on the forum and securing your place, see the poster below or visit

OA monographs A4 Jun 2014


Self-Collect starts in Bod’s Upper Reading Room, Mon 7 April

BOD self-college - imageGood news for Bodleian readers. From 7th April 2014 readers can collect the books they have ordered to the Upper Reading Room themselves without waiting for staff intervention. This service is already used successfully in the Lower Reading Room and the Lower Camera. A staff-mediated reserve will continue.

Where are the self-collect shelves in the Upper Reading Room?

The ‘Upper RR (Self-Collect)’ point is in the Old Upper Reserve (currently names H-O) on the Catte Street side. It will be clearly labelled.

Bod URR Self-collectWhat can you order to Self-Collect?

Some items are not suitable for request to Self Collect points due to format, age, size etc. If SOLO does not offer Self Collect delivery locations as options when you place a hold request, that particular item will need to be ordered to a staff mediated delivery location.

Modern books and single journal parts can be ordered to the Self-Collect shelves.
Other items, such as post-1701 Special Collections, large books, multiple part items or non-book items such as microfilms, must be ordered to the ‘Upper RR (Staffed Desk)’.

How much can you order?

Up to 10 items may be held per person shared between the two Upper RR Delivery points.

How will you find the right location in SOLO?

This is how the menu will display on SOLO when the ‘Upper RR (Self-Collect)’ opens:

BOD self-collect - SOLO locations1You may have noticed that the Delivery/Pickup Location ‘Upper Reading Room’ has already changed its name to ‘Upper RR (Staffed Desk)’

How do I find my books on the Self-Collect shelves and what is my Self-Collect ID?

All items requested to Self Collect points come with the normal hold request slip, which should stay with the item at all times. For reasons of privacy, slips for Self Collect items will not give readers full names and University/Library card barcode details. They will, instead, display your Self Collect ID. This is made up of the first 3 digits of the reader’s surname and the last 4 numbers of the University/Library card barcode.

BOD self-collect - univ cardSir Christopher Wren, barcode=280477. His Self Collect ID is therefore Wre4772.

What should I do to keep the book(s)?

You should refile items they wish to see again at the correct point in the sequence.

Any items that are for return to closed storage should be left on the labelled trolley near the Self Collect shelves, or handed in at the staff point in Upper Reading Room.

More about…


If you have a particular question or comment on the Self Collect service, please email: