HFL book moves in GL complete

We have finished our book moves in the Gladstone Link!

Last week staff worked hard to create more space on the shelves to allow for growth in the collection.

Re-spaced books UGL

More space has been created on each shelf

What’s changed:

  • HFL sequence S-Z now in the Lower Gladstone Link.
  • HC-R sequence in Upper Gladstone Link has been pulled back into the space left by the S-Z section, relieving the tightly packed shelves.

All our signage has been updated to reflect these small changes.

HFL book moves in Gladstone Link 4th-8th July

UA-Z shelving in UGL

Gladstone shelving in UGL_3 Monday 4th July – Friday 8th July 2016

Book moves in Gladstone Link:

  • HFL sequence S-Z moving from Upper Gladstone Link to Lower Gladstone Link.
  • Respacing of HC-R sequence in Upper Gladstone Link

We need to create more space for our growing collection of History Faculty Library books. We will be moving the S-Z sequence from the Upper Gladstone Link down to the Lower Gladstone Link. This gives us approximately 40 metres of shelf space to use to re-space the very tight HC-R sequence.


Library staff will be working on moving the S-Z section down to the Lower Gladstone Link on Monday 4th July and then will be re-spacing the HC-R section of books in the Upper Gladstone Link for the rest of the week. Although we will endeavour to work quietly, shifting books inevitably creates some noise!

Signage will be put in place but if you can’t find a book please come and ask library staff for help.

Temporary closure of Duke Humfrey’s Library 15th-23rd December

Temporary closure of Duke Humfrey’s Library

Please be advised that Duke Humfrey’s Library will be closed to readers Monday 15Duke_humfreys December –Tuesday 23 December inclusive to facilitate book moves.

If you need to see an item kept in Selden End of Duke Humfrey, please speak to staff at the Upper Reserve who will arrange for material to be fetched.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by these book moves.

Bod HFL books are moving

As part of the programme of building works and improvements in the Radcliffe Camera and Gladstone Links, Bodleian History Faculty Library material has started moving.

Lower Camera book move

Books in the Lower Camera (A-DA175) are being moved to create space for the new entrance to the Radcliffe Camera.  The books are still housed within the Lower Camera but are being respaced across the bays.

To prepare for the move of Bodleian material in Upper Gladstone Link into the Lower Gladstone Link, some respacing is also taking place in the Lower Gladstone Link.  Bod HFL books in the Lower Gladstone Link are being gathered together into a smaller space, with less gaps at the end of each shelf.  Temporary signage is in place to show the more compactly shelved contents of the rolling stacks.

Temporary signage in the Lower Gladstone Link

Temporary signage in the Lower Gladstone Link

Using Bod HFL books over the summer

No Bodleian History Faculty Library books are being removed from the Radcliffe Camera or Gladstone Link as part of this move and they should remain accessible throughout these initial changes.  If you are unable to locate material, please ask library staff for assistance.

Plan ahead

Further changes and work, some of which will be disruptive, is scheduled to take place this summer.  You can sign up for our mailing list (on the right hand side of this page) or RSS feed to receive updates about further work, or check our Summer Works webpage.  If you are planning to use the library, do check ahead of your visit and contact us if your have any questions.

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HFL move update 27 June: disruption to access next week

Disruption to access Monday – Friday 2-6 July

Material in the HFL will be moved next week as follows:

Mon – Wed 2-4 July: some stack collections moving to BSF.  During this time it will not be possible to offer stack fetches from collections  remaining on site.  Access to the common room may be affected.

Thur –  Fri 5-6: older duplicated and lesser used reference materials from the West Gallery will also be packed, crated, and moved to BSF.  During this move access to the Gallery floor (second floor) will not be possible as the back stairs will be in use by the book movers.  Staff will do their best to find opportunities when they can fetch books for readers

Currently, reference collections in the gallery are being selected and labelled to go to various destination. The key to labels is: pink = Long Running Project; green = lending; yellow = URR; blue = Upper Camera; red = discard.

During this process it will be necessary to make use of some of the desks in the Maitland Gallery to sort and store books while library staff update the holdings information on line. This will mean there is less working space available for readers (Thursday this week to Wednesday next).

Print journals in the gallery are in the process of being withdrawn and will then be offered to other libraries, and interested library users –  free of charge.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Staff will be on hand to assist readers as much as possible

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Keep up with Bodleian’s book moves!

From October 2010, the Bodleian Libraries will start to move 6.5 million items to the new Book Storage Facility in Swindon.

Items being moved will be temporarily unavailable whilst in transit.  Any item in transit will be marked with the status of “Book Moves” on OLIS / SOLO.

If the item you require has the status “Book Moves” you can:

  • Search SOLO / OLIS to see if an electronic version or alternative edition is available.
  • Delay your request, if your need is not urgent, and re-order the item once its location has been updated (usually within a week but in some cases this may take longer) – shown on the status bar in SOLO / OLIS as “In place”.
  • Go ahead and order the item via ASR – our dedicated team will see if an alternative copy is available and will contact you.

If you would like to contact our support team directly please email move@bodleian.ox.ac.uk

We appreciate your patience as these major projects progress.