Radcliffe Camera: temporary building access arrangements

Pavement improvement works in Radcliffe Square are now reaching their final phase, which will necessitate a temporary closure of the South Gate. This will be cordoned off between Monday 20th August and Monday 3rd September, to allow for the completion of essential work. During this period, readers will need to use the North Gate in order to access the Camera grounds and entrance. Please note, this also means that there will be no direct level access route to the Camera for approximately two weeks. Readers requiring this will need to use the ramped access route to the Old Bodleian Library, continuing via the tunnel/Gladstone Link and platform lift.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused, but trust that the newly widened pavement will be more accessible as a result of these works..Please get in touch with any questions or feedback: library.history@bodleian.ox.ac.uk

Camera & GLadstone Link returned to normal opening – open until 7pm

The installation of new contactless card readers at the entrance/exit gates of the Radcliffe Camera has been completed ahead of schedule and we have now resumed normal opening. The Camera front door is in operation again and we will not be closing at 5pm as previously advertised but will remain open until 7pm.

*The Camera and the Gladstone Link will be open until 7pm today.*

The card readers are the same style as those in the Weston Library and we hope they are easier to use than the former swipe card readers. Thank you for your patience and apologies for the inconvenience caused by the work.


Bank Holiday Library Closure and Building Works Update

Library closed August Bank Holiday (24-26 August 2013)

The central Bodleian Library site, including the Bodleian History Faculty Library, will be closed for the August bank holiday from Saturday 24 to Monday 26 August inclusive.  The Library will re-open at 9am on Tuesday 27 August.


Building Works – Lower Camera closed 27 August to 30 September incl. (estimated)

The Lower Radcliffe Camera will be closed to readers from Tuesday 27 August 2013 for building works and expected to re-open Tuesday 1 October.  The Upper Camera and Gladstone Link will remain open, but there will be some noise from the building works.

Please note that in preparation of the works, desks in Bay 7 in the Lower Camera, reader PCs, PCAS and self-issue equipment will be taken out of action in the afternoon of Friday 23 August. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Old Bodleian Library entrance (c) Nick Cistone

Old Bodleian Library entrance (c) Nick Cistone

Can I still use the Library?

Yes, readers can access the Upper Camera via the Radcliffe Camera entrance.  Readers can access the Gladstone Link via the Old Bodleian Library’s Proscholium entrance and as well as through the Lower Camera (see map).

Can I still borrow and return HFL books and collect HFL book on hold?

Yes, you can borrow and return books and collect HFL books that are on hold from the temporary staff desk in the Upper Gladstone Link from 27 August 2013.

What if I need books from the Lower Camera?

Ask staff at the temporary staff desk in the Upper Gladstone Link to fetch Lower Camera books for you.  You can contact us in advance to let us know which books you want to borrow/consult.

Where can I order book stack material to?

For the duration of the work, the Lower Camera as a destination of book orders from the Book Storage Facility is temporarily disabled. Please order to the either the Lower Reading Room (self-collect) or the Upper Reading Room. You can use those books anywhere on site.

Can I still browse the new books display?

Yes, the display has moved to the Upper Gladstone Link, next to where our temporary staff desk will be from Tuesday 27 August.  You can still borrow/consult our new books as normal.  You can also view our latest acquisitions online via LibraryThing.

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Building work in the Old Bodleian Library and Radcliffe Camera in Summer 2013

This summer building work will be taking place in the Old Bodleian Library and Radcliffe Camera during the Long Vacation.

It will be necessary to close the Lower Camera for a period of five weeks but we expect to maintain services throughout.  During this time there will be a staff-mediated fetching service for open shelf material housed in the Lower Camera.  Bodleian History Faculty Library books can still be borrowed and returned as normal in an alternative location (Upper Gladstone Link tbc). Further detailed information about arrangements and the schedule of works will be advertised soon here on the blog and on the Bodleian History Faculty Library website.

Old Bodleian Library – work likely to begin on 17 June

  • Re-flooring the Upper Reading Room to provide a quieter working environment
  • Re-lighting the Lower Reading Room to provide a better and quieter working environment and to be more energy efficient
  • Closure of the Lower Reserve and changes to provide additional capacity for open shelf material and seating for readers
  • Setting up a Self-Collect Reserve in the Reference Room to allow readers direct collection of requested stack material
  • Re-purposing the Photocopying Area in the Upper Reading Room to provide an expanded Mediated Reserve

Radcliffe Camera – work likely to begin in August until mid September

  • Creation of a new entrance to the Radcliffe Camera in Bay 4 of the Lower Camera to provide easy disabled access to the building and to improve security and circulation of material.  This will allow books to be moved freely between the Upper Camera and other parts of the central Bodleian Library site.
  • Additional seating will be added to the Upper and Lower Camera
  • Setting up a Self-Collect Reserve in the Lower Camera to allow readers direct collection of requested stack material

There will be some noise and minor disruption associated with these projects but it is intended to confine works to one building at a time as far as possible. If you have any deadlines, concerns or need support during this time, please contact us.

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Noisy building work in the Bodleian Library

The Bodleian Libraries are currently undergoing an ambitious programme of refurbishment and redesign to upgrade and enhance facilities and spaces available to readers. Such major estates projects will inevitably result in some temporary changes in services but we are seeking to minimise disruption to readers as far as possible. Specifically, noisy building work in the Old Library and in the Radcliffe Camera has started this week to enable the follow projects:

  • Refurbishment of the Underground Bookstore into two floors of openstack library space
  • The Old Bodleian lift
  • Installation of a Radcliffe Camera platform lift and new stairs

> more on the Gladstone Link project.

We apologise to our readers in advance for the discomfort and inconvenience. Ear plugs are available from library staff! Otherwise, seek refuge in the HFL or elsewhere. The work is scheduled to be complete in spring 2011.

HFL closed Thursday 7th January 9:00-12:30

On Thursday 7th January all electricity in the Old Indian Institute Building will be shut down as part of the final wiring checking. The work is scheduled to take place all morning and for safety reasons, nobody is allowed to enter the building during this time. Therefore the HFL will regrettably but unavoidably be closed from 9am to 12.30pm on that day. Staff will be located elsewhere and can still be reached via e-mail (library.history@ouls.ox.ac.uk) or via our online enquiry form (http://www.ouls.ox.ac.uk/history/ask).

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Disruption to power supply in West Room

On Monday 14 December 2009 we anticipate disruption to the power supply in the West Room for 2-3 hours in the morning. This is due to fixed-wiring checking being checked out.  Readers won’t be able to use their laptops or library PCs during this period iin this area. Power will be continue to be available elsewhere in the library.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused.