New ejournal: Erudition and the Republic of Letters, 1, 2016-

Just before breaking up for term, here are details of a brand new journal:

Erudition and Republic of Letters - coverErudition and the Republic of Letters is a peer-reviewed journal devoted primarily to the history of scholarship, intellectual history, and to the respublica literaria broadly conceived.

It encapsulates multifarious aspects of higher learning as well as the manner in which such knowledge transcends confessional and geopolitical boundaries.

Brill 1, 2016-
ISSN: 2405-5050
E-ISSN: 2405-5069

Access is via SOLO and OU eJournals.

Table of content for volume 1, issue 1 (2016)

Iamblichus, Ficino and Schleiermacher on the Sources of Religious Knowledge
Author: James Hankins
pp.: 1–12 (12)

Christianity’s Jewish Origins Rediscovered: The Roles of Comparison in Early Modern Ecclesiastical Scholarship
Author: Anthony Grafton
pp.: 13–42 (30)

Erudition and Orthodoxy: John Fell and Patristic Scholarship in Restoration Oxford
Author: Jean-Louis Quantin
pp.: 43–78 (36)

Bernhard Pez: An Austrian Benedictine Scholar between Sacred Antiquarianism and New Practices of Scholarship
Authors: Thomas Stockinger and Thomas Wallnig
pp.: 79–105 (27)

Book Reviews
World Antiquarianism: Comparative Perspectives. Edited by Alain Schnapp with Lothar von Falkenhausen, Peter N. Miller, and Tim Murray. Los Angeles, LA: Getty Research Institute, 2013. ISBN 978-1-60606-148-0
Author: Kelsey Jackson Williams
pp.: 107–111 (5)

World Philology, ed. Sheldon Pollock, Benjamin A. Elman, and Ku-ming Kevin Chang. xii + 452 pp. (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2015). ISBN: 9780674052864.
Author: James Turner
pp.: 112–116 (5)

Katherine Harloe, Winckelmann and the Invention of Antiquity. History and Aesthetics in the Age of Altertumswissenschaft (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013), 304 pp. ISBN: 978-0-19-969584-3.
Author: Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann
pp.: 117–120 (4)

New ejournal: The Medieval Low Countries, 1, 2014-

I’m pleased to announce that Oxford users now have access to the ejournal The Medieval Low Countries: An Annual Review [ISSN: 2295-3493], issue 1, 2014 onwards.
Medieval Low Countries cover
Published by Brepols Publishers, The Medieval Low Countries is a peer-reviewed journal featuring scholarly articles on the Low Countries (les Pays-Bas) from c 400 AD to c 1500. During this time, the area of roughly modern-day Belgium and The Netherlands was an important political, economic, cultural and religious hub in medieval Europe.

The journal is published annually and its scholarly articles cover a wide range of disciplines (history, law, religion, art, architecture, literature, etc.). The topics are often interdisciplinary and usually in either French or English. Book reviews are also published.

If you want to keep up-to-date with this journal, just sign up to a New Issue Alerting.

Table of contents for issue 1 (2014):

  • Jean-Francois Nieus et Steven Vanderputten, ‘Diplôme princier, matrice de faux, acte modèle. Le règlement d’avouerie du comte Baudoin V pour Saint-Bertin (1042) et ses réappropriations sous l’abbatiat réformateur de Lambert (1095-1123)’.
  • Aart Noordzij, ‘The wars of the lord of Bronkhorst: Territory, lordship and the proliferation of violence in fourteenth-century Guelders’.
  • Rombert Stapel and Jenine de Vries, ‘Leydis, Pauli, and Berchen revisited. Collective history writing in the Low Countries in the late fifteenth century’.
  • Tom Gaens, ‘Acquiring religious perfection outside a vow. The Carthusian institution of the donati in late-medieval reformist communities and the Modern Devotion’.
  • Mario Damen, ‘Patricians, knights, or nobles? Historiography and social status in late-medieval Antwerp’.
  • Hans Mol, ‘The Cistercian model? The application of the grange system by the various religious orders in the Frisian coastal area, 1150-1400’.
  • Book reviews

Other recently subscribed to ejournals for medievalists:

New e-access: History Today, 1951-current

Members of Oxford University now have e-access to the entire History Today magazine, covering the first issue of 1951 to current content. The website also includes most of the articles from History Review, the periodical for history students and teachers. On the History Today website, you can access History Review from v. 22 (Sept 1995) to v. 72 (March 2012) which was the last issue published.

Please note that a password is required to access this resource (see Access below).

History Today is a monthly and heavily illustrated magazine which is aimed at the general public as well as the academic historians. It has serious articles on historical places, people, events, historians and historical methods. It will often feature articles which take a historical look at current problems areas:

History Today - content screenshotAccess

Access to the full-text requires a username and password to the History Today website. They are made available on a WebLearn page to which members of Oxford University with SSO need to sign in first.

History Today - SFX screenshot

Once you are on the History Today website, you should then sign in with the username and password listed on the WebLearn page.History Today - login

For reasons of cost, the subscription can only support 10 concurrent users at a time. It would therefore be helpful if readers could remember to log out after a session.


You can search the archive thematically (useful for brushing up some basics) or you can search for a specific article. Once you have an article, you can then also use tags to find related content.

Print or email

Articles can be printed out or emailed to others. Please note that the email will not send the entire article text but only an introductory paragraph with a direct link to the article. The recipient must therefore be likewise an authorised user and get the password from said WebLearn page (s.a.).

Full electronic access to Irish Historical Studies: 1, 1938- current

IHS coverI am pleased to report that Oxford users now have full electronic access to the most important scholarly history journal for Irish studies, Irish Historical Studies (IHS), starting with v. 1 (1938) and going right up to the most recently published issue. Access is via SOLO and OU eJournals.

As a consequence of CUP taking over publication of this journal in 2015, electronic access picks up (v. 37, 2010) where JSTOR stops  (v. 36, 2009).

Regular Cambridge Journals Online users will therefore benefit from other CJO services, e.g. set up issue and article alerts, cross-searching with other CUP journals, etc.

Founded in 1938, the IHS “is the joint journal of the Irish Historical Society and the Ulster Society for Irish Historical Studies and is the authoritative voice in Irish history. It publishes articles embodying original research on Irish history; articles on the scope and teaching of Irish history; select documents, with editorial comment; select and critical bibliographies; guides to sources; as well as review articles and short reviews of selected works resulting from research into Irish history.” Cambridge Journals Online.

New: e-access to British Catholic History, 2010- (formerly Recusant History)

BCH coverI am pleased to report that Oxford users now have electronic access to British Catholic History, volume 30:1, 2010 onwards.

Published on behalf of the Catholic Record Society, it was formerly known as Recusant History 4 (1957) – 31 (2014) and prior to that as Biographical Studies 1 (1951) – 3 (1956).

The journal publishes peer-reviewed research articles and reviews on the history of British and Irish Catholicism at home and throughout the world covering all aspects of British Catholic history from the 15th century up to the present day. It emphasises the multi-faceted, national and international dimensions of British Catholic history.

The journal welcomes contributions on all approaches to the Catholic experience including the intellectual, political, material, cultural, theological, literary, sociological, philosophical, economic, gendered, artistic, musical, educational and polemical.

Access is via SOLO (shortly) and OU eJournals.

New: e-access to Revue d’Histoire Ecclésiastique, 96 (1), 2001-

Review d'histoire ecclesiastique - coverI am pleased to announce that Oxford users now have electronic access the Revue d’Histoire Ecclésiastique (RHE) from 96 (1), 2001 onwards.

Access is via SOLO (shortly) and OU eJournals.

“Revue d’histoire ecclésiastique is a scholarly journal administered by professors of the Université catholique de Louvain and the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. It covers the entire history of Christianity. All articles are based on original source research and often develop innovative aspects in the area of historical methodology. They are published in French, English, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Besides its articles, the Revue offers the reader reviews of recent books dealing with Church history in the large sense, in the form of critical reviews or brief descriptions. These reviews try to cover the most important publications in this sector. Added to that is a chronicle which mentions conferences, distinctions, doctoral theses, necrologies, etc. RHE is situated at the ‘A’ level of journals, according to most international classifications. ” KU Leuven,

For some reviews and further information about this journals, see the RHE website.

A jewel of the RHE is its voluminous up-to-date bibliography, comprising annually more than 6,000 titles. Since 2014, the RHE Bibliography online is grouped with the Elenchus bibliographicus of the Ephemerides Theologicae Lovanienses under the name of Index Religiosus: International Bibliography of Theology, Church History and Religious Studies which is also available to Oxford users.

New: e-access to Nursing History Review, 1, 1993-

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We are pleased to announce that electronic access is now available for the Nursing History Review, the Official Publication of the American Association for the History of Nursing.

Nursing History Review, an annual peer-reviewed publication, is a showcase for the most significant current research on nursing and health care history. Contributors include national and international scholars representing many different disciplinary backgrounds. Regular sections include scholarly articles, reviews of the best books on nursing and health care history, invited commentaries, and abstracts of new doctoral dissertations on nursing and health care history. Historians, researchers, and individuals fascinated with the rich field of nursing will find this an important resource.

Much content will also be of interest to those researching women’s history.

Access is via SOLO and OU eJournals, and is available from Vol. 1 (1993) to the present day.

New: e-access to The Nation, National Review, The New Republic Digital Archives

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We’re pleased to announce that, following a trial in the autumn, we have now subscribed to the digital archives of three significant political magazines: The Nation, National Review and The New Republic.

  • The Nation is the oldest continually published weekly magazine in the United States, beginning publication in 1865, and describes itself as “the flagship of the left”.
  • National Review was founded in 1955 by William F. Buckley, Jr. and is a hugely important source for any study of American conservatism over the past sixty years.
  • The New Republic, founded in 1914, is widely considered important in changing the character of liberalism in the direction of governmental interventionism, both foreign and domestic.

Each archive starts from the first issue and runs up to present, and the three may be cross-searched with each other and also the Readers’ Guide Retrospective database. Access is via Databases A-Z.

Related resource

Readers’ Guide Retrospective: 1890-1982

New: e-access to Journal of Medical Biography, 1993 (v.1) onwards

Journal of medical biography - coverI am pleased to report that Oxford users now have e-access to the Journal of Medical Biography [ISSN 0967-7720] from vol. 1, 1993 onwards.

Access is via SOLO or OU eJournals. For remote access, Oxford users should use their SSO login.

A peer-reviewed international journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, it covers the lives of people in or associated with medicine.

“… The Journal of Medical Biography covers medical personalities and many others in the field of health care, hospitals, instruments, techniques and so on. It features original research on persons and places, legendary and less well known, and provides a fresh new perspective on life and lives.” Sage Journals,

You can register for email alerts and set up an RSS feed. For more on current awareness tools, see handouts from Bodleian iSkills courses on Getting Information Come To You.

Electronic legal deposit for historians: finding and accessing important history journals

A year and a half into the new era of Electronic Legal Deposit, and the introduction of Electronic Legal Deposit (eLD) is beginning to be seen on the Bodleian shelves – but only among the journals. At the time of writing this post, there are no e-books accessible via eLD for history, or indeed any other subject.

The impact among the history journals is the result of the publishers Cambridge University Press, Edinburgh University Press, Manchester University Press and Maney being early adopters of electronic deposit for their journal titles. The consequence is that issues of Agent's websitehistory journals are now no longer arriving as physical (ie printed) items from the Copyright Agency to sit on the Upper Reading Room current journal display and in the Humanities Journal section in the Gladstone Link. Their contents have become available to read online via Bodleian library computers. Just as readers have always had to come to the Bodleian to read issues of journals deposited in print form, so they will still need to come to a Bodleian Reading Room and be logged into a Bodleian computer to read issues deposited via eLD.

In another blog post I will explain how the articles of eLD journals can be found in SOLO and accessed.

For now, our readers may be somewhat reassured that we have excellent journal subscriptions which will be maintained. For instance, for the 25 key UK-published history journal titles currently coming via eLD listed below, the Bodleian also has an electronic subscription to them. Indeed, SSO holders are encouraged to access these journals via the subscription database option, as this will have much better functionality, as well as being accessible to them wherever they have access to the internet. (Not just when they are sitting at a Bodleian Library computer.).

OUP is continuing to send us printed issues following a special arrangement with the Bodleian Libraries which is outside the Legal Deposit framework. Therefore issues for Past & Present, English Historical Review, etc. will continue to arrive in print.


Let us suppose a reader has come into the Upper Reading Room Bod and is looking  for the latest issue of the Economic History Review 67 (4) Nov 2014 on the History Current Journal display. Briefly disappointed that the latest issue is no longer being received in print and taking note of the replacement sign that this journal is coming under electronic Legal Deposit, the readers realises s/he needs now to go to a library computer in order to access the electronic copy.

The next course of action is to either logon to a Library PC or laptop, if the reader had one, and search in SOLO for the journals title to look for the link to the electronic version.

The electronic subscription should be displayed first. The electronic Legal Deposit version but can always be identified by the notice *** This copy is available via Bodleian Libraries reading room PCs only ***.

SOLO capture - eLD - EHR in SOLOIn our case, our imaginary reader will use the first option, which is our electronic subscription. It is possible to print out articles from Library PCs and laptops via our PCAS service.

Get automatic alerts for new issues

If you wish to be alerted when a new issue is published, electronic journal subscriptions usually users to also set up content alerts, ie you will receive an email each time a new issue has been published. The Bodleian iSkills course handouts for Getting information to come to you.

More support

If you would like more information on how to find eLD material, the Bodleian’s SOLO Libguide includes an eLD page with audio-visual guidance.Should you encounter any problems when in a Bodleian Reading Room, you are very welcome to ask a member of staff for help – we are learning this new system too!

More about electronic Legal Deposit

If you are interested knowing more about electronic Legal Deposit in general, there is more detailed information on the central Bodleian website.