Finalists – please return your books!

Once you have finished your exams, please make sure that you have returned all of your library books and paid any outstanding fines.  Please note that you can pay outstanding fines at any Bodleian Library or pay online.

If you have lost any items or think that you have returned items that are still on your account, please contact as soon as possible.

Don’t forget to use up your PCAS credit if you are leaving!

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If you are about to finish your time at Oxford University, don’t forget to use up your PCAS credit.

No refunds are provided but we can transfer credit to another PCAS account if requested. Please email

Your PCAS account will close after 2 years of inactivity so you can use your credit if you are coming back at a later date.

PCAS accounts can also pay for Bodleian Libraries mediated copying orders that can be requested by anyone from anywhere in the world.

For more information visit: