Trial until 30 Dec 2022: Bloomsbury History: Theory and Method

Oxford historians and non-historians are now invited to trial a Bloomsbury History: Theory & Method [access via SOLO]. This is a new educational resource dedicated to historiography and the examination of historical theory and methods using a global approach. This resource will be suitable to particularly students in history or researchers from other disciplines wishing to learn about historiography and historical theory and methods.

Screenshot of the landing page Bloomsbury History Theory and Methods, showing a historical map of the world with superimposed text reading 'Understanding the World through History. Discvoer new articles and key book chapters which will broaden your knowledge and offer new perspectives.'

The resource contains:

  • 61 Bloomsbury ebooks (most already available via other resources)
  • 134 exclusive articles by authors based in 25 different countries
  • 4-volume major reference work on the global history of historiography

Articles and essays are provided by an international group of historians. You can search and find these in a variety of ways. Browsing is a good option if you want to explore more broadly to learn about historical methods, historiography and thematic issues. The topics cover a broad spectrum and historical periods go back to Ancient Greece and Rome.

You can browse for articles and essays in many ways:

  • by historian (Abū Bakr to Wilhelm von Humboldt)
  • type of history (Annales School to Universal History)
  • by topic (Censorship to War)
  • theory & method (Abuse of History to What is History and Why Does It Matter)
  • key thinkers (e.g. Catharine Macaulay, Ibn Khaldûn, Karl Marx, R.G. Collingwood)
  • using primary sources (e.g. autobiography, early modern diaries, ecclesiastical records, slave narratives, statistics)
  • key concepts (e.g. Afrocentricity, class, gender, Identity, time)
  • Classic texts in context (Bede’s Ecclesiastical History to

    Tacitus’ Annals)

  • Historiography: critical readings

Screenshot from landing page showing 6 boxes to launch browsing in 6 themes: Themes are 1. theory & method 2. key thinkers 3. using primary sources 4. key concepts 5. Classic texts in context 6. Historiography: critical readings

Tell us what you think and send feedback to or by 30 December 2022.