History Database of the Month: ProQuest Historical Newspapers

Our database of the month for April is ProQuest Historical Newspapers.


Historical Newspapers offer full text searching and access to the archives of some key British, Irish, Indian and US newspapers, incl. a selection of black newspapers,  from the 1800s to the 2000s:


A search result from The Scotsman

  • The Guardian 1821-2003
  • The Observer 1791-2009
  • The Times of India 1838-2002
  • The Irish Times 1859-2010
  • The Weekly Irish Times 1867-1958
  • The Scotsman 1817-1950
  • The Chicago Defender 1910-1975
  • The New York Amsterdam News 1922-1993
  • The New York Times 1851-2009
  • The Pittsburgh Courier 1911-2002
  • The Washington Post 1877-1996

The archive offers access to primary source material with full text search and also the original print layout of the article so that you can see the context of the article within that edition of the newspaper.

Advanced search tools allow cross-searching with other ProQuest databases (e.g. Dissertations and Theses) and also narrowing results to specific dates, publications and types of newspaper article. Results can be limited to images or editorial content and advertising and obituaries can also be searched.

How can I access it?
University of Oxford members can access this subscription resource on and off campus via OxLIP+. Remember to sign on to OxLIP+ with your Single Sign-On (SSO) when accessing the database off-campus.

Database of the month display in the Upper Camera

Database of the month display in the Upper Camera

Other newspaper archives online

Great Britain and Ireland:



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Trial until 14 March: Irish Newspaper Archives

UPDATE 8 /3/13: The trial has been extended to 14 March 2013.

Oxford users are invited to trial the Irish Newspaper Archives.

Irish Newspaper Archives INA provides access to over the archive of over 23 Irish national and regional newspapers. It includes for instance Irish Independent (1905-2001), Leitrim Observer (1904-1998) and The Munster Express (1908-2004) but also historic newspapers such as the Freeman’s Journal (1763-1924), Nation (1840-1900) and Leinster Journal (1767-1828).

Content (title, date coverage, location):

  • Freeman’s Journal    03/01/1763 – 19/12/1924    National
  • Irish Farmer’s Journal    16/03/1957 – 26/12/1998    National
  • Irish Independent    02/01/1905 – 31/12/2001    National
  • Sunday Independent    07/01/1906 – 29/12/2002    National
  • Irish Press    05/09/1931 – 25/05/1995    National (Online Sept 2010)
  • Anglo-Celt    06/02/1846 – Current    Cavan
  • Connacht Sentinel    02/08/1927 – Current    Galway
  • Connacht Tribune    22/05/1909 – Current    Galway
  • Connaught Telegraph     02/01/1975 – Current    Mayo
  • Donegal News    12/01/1980 – 14/12/2001    Donegal
  • Finn’s Leinster Journal    01/04/1792 – 31/12/1828    Kilkenny
  • Galway City Tribune    07/09/1984 – Current    Galway
  • Kerryman    07/01/1950 – Current    Kerry
  • Leitrim Observer    02/01/1904 – 30/12/1998    Leitrim
  • Meath Chronicle    01/05/1897 – Current    Meath
  • Munster Express    04/01/1908 – Current    Waterford
  • Nation – The    15/10/1842 – 05/06/1897    Dublin
  • Nenagh Guardian    21/07/1838 – Current    Tipperary
  • Southern Star    13/02/1892 – Current    Cork
  • Tuam Herald    13/05/1837 – 30/12/2000    Galway
  • Westmeath Examiner    28/09/1882 – Current    Westmeath

The trial has been extended to 14 March 2013.

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New: Medieval and Early Modern Sources Online (MEMSO)

Medieval and Early Modern Sources Online (MEMSO) provides a large and growing resource of essential medieval and early modern sources online. It is an excellent way to access a large library of books essential to the study of medieval and early modern England, Scotland and Ireland. It includes selections of annals and chronicles, calendars and registers, saints’ lives, Rolls’ Series and HMC reports and Statutes of the Realm.

MEMSO is now available from OxLIP+ to Oxford users.