Newly bookmarked: Richard Heaton’s Index to Digitalised British and Irish Newspapers Online Beta

This beta site, last updated on 25 August 2013, looks very useful indeed to those working with 19th and 20th century British and Irish newspaper sources. It has now been bookmarked on HFL Delicious along with many other newspaper resources.

Richard Heaton’s Index to Digitalised British and Irish Newspapers Online (Beta)

The website is a list of all the titles in all of the Digitalised Online British and Irish Newspapers that Richard Heaton, a researcher, is aware of and which, he says “may be a helpful guide to identify whether a title is available online and, if so, what dates could be available and where you can locate it based on the data provided by the various sites (see link below). The Lists are split England (excluding London), London (which splits between Local newspapers and National Titles), Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Channel Islands, and Isle of Man. They are sorted by County and then Town except London (which being a very large file) which I have chosen to sort by title (which means titles from the 17th Century could be next to those for the 20th Century).”

Local London newspapers, from Richard Heaton's Index to British and Irish newspapers.

Local London newspapers, from Richard Heaton’s Index to British and Irish newspapers.

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New website: Oxfordshire History

You may be interested in the following free website which was launched this week and is hosted by the History Faculty: Oxfordshire History 

This site is a guide and reference source for researchers and potential researchers into Oxfordshire’s history, archaeology, landscape and buildings. It aims to provide concise support and guidance on use of the mass of published accounts and raw materials concerning Oxfordshire’s past. The site offers an historical framework and sequences of information and ideas, from which selected links, downloadable texts, and suggested reading, contacts and activities are designed to enable users to go on to further and more detailed investigations of their choice.

The site has been planned as a successor to ‘Oxfordshire: a handbook for students of local history’, edited by Molly Barratt and David Vaisey (1973).

The website adds emphasis on archaeology, buildings and landscape is intended to widen and integrate the approach to Oxfordshire history. Listings of contacts, organisations, projects, events and publications will be regularly updated, and new content can be developed. Coverage refers to the present-day county of Oxfordshire, i.e. the historic county established c. 1007 plus the Vale of White Horse, transferred from Berkshire in the local government re-organisations of 1974.

It is listed in HFL Delicious pages and OxLIP+ under History > Local history.