Summary of newly bookmarked websites for historians 1/12/10

The latest online primary sources sites added to HFL Delicious are:

William Godwin’s Diary: Reconstructing a Social and Political Culture 1788-1836

A digital edition of the diary of William Godwin (1756-1836). The first entry is for 6 April 1788 and the final entry is for 26 March 1836. The diary is a resource of immense importance to researchers. It maps the radical intellectual and political life of the late 18th and early 19th centuries, as well as providing evidence on publishing relations, conversational coteries, artistic circles, etc. over the same period. One can trace the developing relationships of one of the most important families in British literature, Godwin’s own, which included his wife Mary Wollstonecraft (1759-1797), their daughter Mary Shelley (1797-1851) and his son-in-law Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822). Many of the most important figures in British cultural history feature in its pages, incl. Anna Barbauld, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Charles James Fox, William Hazlitt, Thomas Holcroft, Elizabeth Inchbald, Charles and Mary Lamb, Mary Robinson, Richard Brinsley Sheridan, William Wordsworth, and many others.

Alumni Oxonienses 1500-1714 (Foster) British History Online

Lists members of the University of Oxford from 1500 to 1714, along with brief biographical details such as ecclesiastical positions held and family relationships among the alumni. Digitisation is in progress

Staten-Generaal Digitaal: parlementaire documenten uit de periode 1814 tot 1995

The Dutch portal to find all Acts (House Reports, Papers and parliamentary questions) for the years 1814 to 1815 session until January 1, 1995. Includes name index.

Die Matrikel der Universität Gießen 1608 – 1707

Digitised matriculation records of the University of Giessen 1608 to 1707

Stampa (La) – Archivio Storico dal 1867

This Digital Historical Archive of La Stampa contains a copy of the entire newspaper collection. The first issue available is the one of February 9, 1867, when the newspaper was still called Gazzetta Piemontese. The database archive reach the year 2005. All the newspaper pages for a period of 138 years are published not only as images but also as digital texts available for e-text-mining queries. This is true for the more than 12 million articles indexed with the ability to search contents and highlight all keywords within the database.

Repertorium deutscher wissenschaftlicher Periodika des 18. Jahrhunderts

Repertory of German scientific periodicals of the 18th century is an an instrument for research on the history and philosophy of science and technology during the Enlightenment. It contains the table of contents of most 18th century periodicals that published scientific articles and/or reviews in the German speaking countries. These include the (Nova) Acta Eruditorum, and other important periodicals published under the auspices of Academies of Science and early professional journals. A total of over 400 volumes and more than 13.000 articles have been made accessible in this project.

Bundesgesetzblatt online (Bundesanzeiger Verlag)

Free online access to the history of Germany legislation as published in the Bundesgesetzblatt (Archiv BGBl Teil I und II) and dating from 1949 (1951 for Teil II) to the present.

Latest bookmarked websites for historians 18/11

The latest online primary sources sites added to HFL Delicious are:

Cabinet Papers 1915-1978 (TNA)

The Cabinet Office provides the secretariat for the Cabinet and its committees. It maintains a systematic keeping of records of their meetings and business;

Ancient Petitions, Henry III – James I (TNA)

Search and download over 17,000 images from the series of Ancient Petitions which draws together petitions addressed to the king, to the king and council, to the king and council in parliament, to the chancellor, and to certain other officers of state.

Records of the Prime Minister’s Office (TNA)

You can search and download 130 Prime Minister’s Office records from the series PREM 19. These records cover the Conservative administration of Margaret Thatcher who came to power in May 1979, and was succeeded by John Major in 1990. At present these records extend to December 1979;

Manus online

MANUS is a database that includes descriptions and digitized images of manuscripts in Italian libraries public, private and ecclesiastical.

Jewlib: primary research sources for Jewish history & culture

A shared, online source of facts and information on primary research sources for the study of Jewish history and cultures. Includes online books and periodicals, online archives, personal papers, private Jewish book collections, Jewish Studies Collections, etc.

The Correspondence of William of Orange 1549-1584 (Instituut voor Nederlandse Geschiedenis)

The Correspondence of William of Orange 1549-1584 “aims to present a complete survey of all the surviving correspondence associated with William of Orange (1533-1584). As well as letters it includes also commissions, petitions, instructions and speeches. So far, 12,609 documents have been found and the oldest letter dates from 1549.

Bakwin Soviet Posters Collection

This collection contains nineteen Soviet political posters produced in the early 1930s. The majority of the posters promote the First Five Year Plan (1928-1932), a series of industrial targets designed by the Stalinist regime to build up heavy industry in the Soviet Union.  The posters depict various aspects of the industrialization and militarization drive of this period, as well as general themes in the communist worldview and important moments in Marxist history.

New: Oxford Biblical Studies Online (OBSO)

The Theology Librarian has secured access to Oxford Biblical Studies Online which may also be of interest to selected historians.

OBSO brings together Bible texts, commentaries, concordances, and other reference works in an integrated online environment. Bible texts include the Oxford Study Bible, the New Oxford Annotated Bible 3/e, the Jewish Study Bible, the Catholic Study Bible 2/e, the Access Study Bible with Apocrypha, and the Authorized King James Bible with Apocrypha. Supporting works provide both reference materials and primary texts, including the Oxford Bible Atlas (4th ed., 2007), Oxford Bible Commentary, the Oxford Companion to the Bible, the Oxford Handbook of Biblical Studies, the Oxford History of the Biblical World, the Oxford Dictionary of the Bible, the Oxford Encyclopedia of Archaeology in the Near East, the Encyclopaedia of Dead Sea Scrolls, The Apocryphal Old Testament, The Apocryphal New Testament, and How to Read the Bible. Other features include 5,000 A-Z articles, maps and illustrations, interactive timelines (1720 BCE to 638 CE ), and a bibliography.

Users can explore the biblical world in all its complexity—the geography, history, archaeology, languages, literature, art, and architecture of the countries that border the Mediterranean and most of Western Asia.

Access is via OxLIP+.

New: Medieval and Early Modern Sources Online (MEMSO)

Medieval and Early Modern Sources Online (MEMSO) provides a large and growing resource of essential medieval and early modern sources online. It is an excellent way to access a large library of books essential to the study of medieval and early modern England, Scotland and Ireland. It includes selections of annals and chronicles, calendars and registers, saints’ lives, Rolls’ Series and HMC reports and Statutes of the Realm.

MEMSO is now available from OxLIP+ to Oxford users.

New: Colonial State Papers

Thanks to a generous donation in support of the VHL, we have been able to purchase this database. It is available to Oxford users via OxLIP+.

Colonial State Papers provides access to tho usands of papers concerning English activities in the American, Canadian, and West Indian colonies between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries.

Also included is a digitised version of The Calendar of State Papers, Colonial: North America and the West Indies 1574-1739, which contains bibliographic records and extracts for thousands of additional documents. Specifically, CSP contains the TNA’s CO1 Collection (Privy Council and related bodies: America and West Indies, Colonial Papers) which provides access to thousands of papers that were presented to the Privy Council and the Board of Trade between 1574-1757, and which relate to England’s governance of, and activities in, the American, Canadian and West Indian colonies.

New: Confidential Print North America 1824-1961

Thanks to a generous donation in support of the VHL, we have been able to purchase this database. It is available to Oxford users via OxLIP+.

This resource gives full-text access to a selection of TNA Colonial Office and Foreign Office papers, reports, dispatches, weekly summaries, etc. The collection covers a broad sweep of history from 1824-1961, taking in the USA, Canada and the Caribbean. There are also some items that cover South America. All items marked ‘Confidential Print’ were printed and circulated immediately to leading officials in the Foreign Office, to the Cabinet, and to Heads of British missions abroad.

CO 880/1-32 spans the years 1839-1914 and is primarily focused on Canada. It includes topics such as the birth of the railways, fisheries, border disputes, the Hudson’s Bay Company, clergy reserves, trade, Treaty of Washington, Native Americans, shipping.

CO 884/1-38 covers the years 1826-1961 and focuses on the Caribbean. Topics such as slavery and apprenticeship, trade, economy, agriculture, boundary disputes, the Morant Bay rebellion, troops, military expenditure, indentured labour, health and disease, finance, and communication are all covered.

FO 414/1-278 covers a vast array of subjects from the years 1824-1941 including: Prohibition, Treaty of Friendship and Commerce between US and Germany, Conference on Electrical communications, Canadian claim to territories, Liquor smuggling, Reports on the Ku Klux Klan and its declining membership and influence, The League of Nations, World War II, etc.

FO 461/1-13 – covers both North and South America over the time period 1942-1956, and includes the text of President Roosevelt’s broadcast address regarding the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour and the entrance of the USA into the war, USA and WWII, Anglo-US co-operation in WWII, Nazi activities in Chile, Columbia and WWII, Financial situation in Venezuela

FO 462/1-10 covers the U.S.A. from 1947 to 1956. Topics covered include the aftermath of World War II, the rise of Communism, McCarthyism, The atomic bomb, Strikes, US policy towards China, Racial desegregation in the US, the hydrogen bomb, “Atoms for peace” conference, Ireland, etc.

New: U.S. Congressional Serial Set 1817-1994 (with American State Papers)

Thanks to a generous donation in support of the VHL, we have been able to purchase US Congressional Serial Set (Readex). It is available to Oxford users via OxLIP+.

American State Papers, 1789-1838 (with US Congressional Serial Set, 1817-1980)

American State Papers contains the legislative and executive documents of the First to through to the Twenty-fifth Congress (1789 to 1838). They cover topics such as Foreign Relations, Indian Affairs, Finances, Commerce & Navigation, Military Affairs, Naval Affairs, Post Office Department, Public Lands and Claims. This resource is useful for locating official floor debates, memos, and committee proceedings which reflect not only the growth of government, but also reveal the personalities of the early legislative leaders and presidents. Researchers and students can also trace the development of legislation in relation to historical events and the impact of party politics on the formation of public policy.

US Congressional Serial Set, 1817-1994 (with American State Papers, 1789-1838)

The US Serial Set is a rich collection of primary source material detailing all aspects of American history. This resource is invaluable to the research of US political, social, cultural, military, and ethnic history, as well as international relations, explorations, genealogy, commerce, industrial development, and more. Its contents come not only from the US Congress, but also include key Executive Department publications. Beginning with volume 1 in the first session of the 15th Congress (1817), the Readex US Congressional Serial Set, 1817-1980 contains all publications from the 15th through to the 96th Congresses.

Content for 1980-1994 will be added to the set next year.

US Congressional Serial Set Maps

The US Congressional Serial Set Maps collections includes over 50,000 maps, some of which represent the first geological, soil and population maps of many state and territories. examples of are maps of the expansion into the West, Civil War maps, coastal triangulation maps produced in the 19th and 20th centuries, and more.

New: Documents on British Policy Overseas

The trial of Documents on British Policy Overseas (DBPO) was very well received. We are pleased to announce that thanks to special funding we have secured access this database. DBPO provides users with access to a wide range of primary source documents from Britain’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Selected and edited by the official historians of the FCO it includes many documents specifically de-classified for inclusion in the series. The resource contains three distinct collections, which together form a continuous exploration of British foreign policy and diplomatic history: British Documents on the Origins of the War 1898-1914; Documents on British Foreign Policy 1918-1939 and Documents on British Policy Overseas. Please note that DBPO is not yet complete and that content is regularly being added to. Access is via OxLIP+. Use SSO for remote access.

Selden Society Publications online

The Selden Society publications are available online in full-text on HeinOnline for the following volumes: Annual Series: Vols 1-117 (1887-2000) Supplementary Series: Vols. 1-13 (1965-2000) You can browse by volume/author/title or search the full-text/ bibliographical details. HeinOnline has also got the texts of: English Law Reports. 178 vols. (1220-1865) Statutes of the Realm. 11 vols. (1235-1713) and many more texts and documents collections on legal and constitutional history. Access HeinOnline from OxLIP+ and use SSO for remote access.