New: Brill’s Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages

brill-enc-of-ma-onlineOxford medievalists, you will be delighted to know that you now have online access to Brill’s Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages. Access is via Databases A-Z and soon also via SOLO.

This authoritative reference work covers medieval European history, culture, religious and intellectual life, and technology, 400-1500 AD. It is an English translation of the 2013 update of the well-known German-language “Enzyklopädie des Mittelalters”, which was originally published by Primus Verlag / Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft in 2008.

Transnational and interdisciplinary in approach, topics cover current art and architecture, medicine, and law, archaeology, ecclesiastical history, and languages and literature. They focus not on “event” history but on the comparative study of wider processes and problems.

Articles are thematically organised and supported by extensive bibliographies. The themes are:

1. Society
2. Faith and Knowledge
3. Literature
4. Fine Arts and Music
5. Economy
6. Technology
7. Living Environments and Conditions
8. Constitutive Historical Events and Regions

There are alphabetical indices of authors and of contributors.

Also of interest:

Access to Oxford University Press materials increased

Oxford-University-PressHere is some great news for historians. The Bodleian Libraries have signed a new agreement with Oxford University Press (OUP), to significantly increase reader access to all current OUP online content.

Readers can also access over 20,000 e-books, plus extra databases; a considerable increase from the amount of content previously accessible, which was selected on a case-by-case basis by subject librarians. See the full Bodleian news announcement.

Among the new collections fully available are Oxford Scholarship Online, the British Academy Publications and the Oxford Language Dictionaries. The full collections in Oxford Handbooks Online and Oxford Bibliographies Online are also accessible. Oxford Scholarship Online now also includes the ebooks of 14 partner university presses, such as Chicago and Yale.

Links to the e-books and databases can be found in SOLO and OxLIP+.

New additions of interest to historians:

British Academy Publications Online

The Oxford Companion to the History of Modern Science

Oxford Constitutions of the World

Oxford Handbooks Online

  • The Oxford Handbook of Fascism
  • The Oxford Handbook of Latin American History
  • The Oxford Handbook of Modern African History
  • The Oxford Handbook of Modern German History
  • The Oxford Handbook of Modern Scottish History
  • The Oxford Handbook of Oral History
  • The Oxford Handbook of Postwar European History
  • The Oxford Handbook of Slavery in the Americas
  • The Oxford Handbook of the American Revolution
  • The Oxford Handbook of the Ancien Régime
  • The Oxford Handbook of the Atlantic World: 1450-1850
  • The Oxford Handbook of the Cold War
  • The Oxford Handbook of the History of Medicine
  • The Oxford Handbook of the History of Nationalism
  • The Oxford Handbook of Witchcraft in Early Modern Europe and Colonial America
  • The Oxford Handbook of Women and Gender in Medieval Europe
  • The Oxford Handbook of World History

Enjoy the bonanza and get in touch with library staff if you have any questions.


New: Dictionnaire d’histoire et de géographie ecclésiastiques (DHGE)

I am pleased to announce that Oxford users now access access to the online Dictionnaire d’histoire et de géographie ecclésiastiques (DHGE) via SOLO and Databases A-Z.

DHGE screenshotThe Dictionnaire d’histoire et de géographie ecclésiastiques (DHGE) is an excellent source of information for anyone interested in the history of the Church. It comprises 70,000 entries by specialists, and enrichment with more than 2200 biographical notes on bishops.

Articles are in in German or French. Each article will contain a link to search in other relevant Brepols resources such as Brepolis Medieval Bibliography (BMB) or Revue d’histoire ecclésiastique (RHE).

The bibliography of the Revue d’histoire ecclesiastique (RHE) is the perfect complement to the encyclopaedic information in the DHGE, with over 120,000 bibliographical records. These are now part of the Index Religiosus which Oxford has also subscribed to.


OTHER Useful reference works available in Oxford

New: Brill’s Medieval Reference Library

Calling all medievalists, we are pleased to offer Oxford users access to Brill’s Medieval Reference Library via SOLO or OxLIP+.Brill’s Medieval Reference LibraryThis resource provides electronic access to three reference works on medieval studies. These collectively offer 3,600 articles on aspects of medieval history, culture and belief. They are richly illustrated and can be searched full-text. Each article ends with a short bibliography.

Encyclopedia of Medieval Pilgrimage (2009): The Encyclopedia of Medieval Pilgrimage is an interdisciplinary reference work, giving wide coverage of the role of travel in medieval religious life. Dealing with the period 300-1500 A.D., it offers both basic data on as broad a range of European pilgrimage as possible and clearly written, self-contained introductions to the general questions of pilgrimage research.

Encyclopedia of the Medieval Chronicle (2010):

The Encyclopedia of the Medieval Chronicle brings together the latest research in chronicle studies from a variety of disciplines and scholarly traditions. Chronicles are the history books written and read in educated circles throughout Europe and the Middle East in the Middle Ages. For the modern reader, they are important as sources for the history they tell, but equally they open windows on the preoccupations and self-perceptions of those who tell it. Interest in chronicles has grown steadily in recent decades, and the foundation of a Medieval Chronicle Society in 1999 is indicative of this. Indeed, in many ways the Encyclopedia has been inspired by the emergence of this Society as a focus of the interdisciplinary chronicle community.

Encyclopaedia of Medieval Dress and Textiles of the British Isles c. 450-1450 (2012): The single volume Encyclopaedia of Medieval Dress and Textiles of the British Isles c. 450-1450 is a unique work that intends to bring together in 582 signed articles the latest research from across the range of disciplines which contribute to our knowledge of medieval dress and textiles.

HFL move update 27 June: disruption to access next week

Disruption to access Monday – Friday 2-6 July

Material in the HFL will be moved next week as follows:

Mon – Wed 2-4 July: some stack collections moving to BSF.  During this time it will not be possible to offer stack fetches from collections  remaining on site.  Access to the common room may be affected.

Thur –  Fri 5-6: older duplicated and lesser used reference materials from the West Gallery will also be packed, crated, and moved to BSF.  During this move access to the Gallery floor (second floor) will not be possible as the back stairs will be in use by the book movers.  Staff will do their best to find opportunities when they can fetch books for readers

Currently, reference collections in the gallery are being selected and labelled to go to various destination. The key to labels is: pink = Long Running Project; green = lending; yellow = URR; blue = Upper Camera; red = discard.

During this process it will be necessary to make use of some of the desks in the Maitland Gallery to sort and store books while library staff update the holdings information on line. This will mean there is less working space available for readers (Thursday this week to Wednesday next).

Print journals in the gallery are in the process of being withdrawn and will then be offered to other libraries, and interested library users –  free of charge.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Staff will be on hand to assist readers as much as possible

Related Links: HFL move information page | Contact us | SOLO Library Catalogue | Oxlip+ (databases and ejournals)

Problems accessing Oxford Reference Online? here are some tips

Oxford users may find that there are intermittent problems accessing Oxford Reference Online, even if they are on-campus. This is being investigated, but in the meantime here are some instructions how still gain access:

1. From SOLO or OxLIP+, follow the link to the ORO title you are interested in.

2. If you are prompted to subscribe or enter your login details, then login with your Single-Sign On (SSO) using the ‘Log In via your home institution‘ on the left hand side of the webpage.

3. Select University of Oxford and login.





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New: online Biographisch-Bibliographisches Kirchenlexikon (BBKL)

Oxford users now have access to the online version of Biographisch-Bibliographisches Kirchenlexikon (BBKL).

A well-known printed reference work, the Biographisch-Bibliographisches Kirchenlexikon (BBKL) is a German biographical encyclopedia related to the history of the Church, founded 1975 by Friedrich Wilhelm Bautz. It contains more than 20,000 biographical articles with bibliographies of the person’s work and selected secondary readings.

It is listed in OxLIP+. If you are on-campus or have logged in with SSO, click on “Zugang für Bibliotheken” on the publisher’s website.

Other related biographical sources: Allgemeine / Neue Deutsche BiographieHistorisches Lexikon der Schweiz