New Bod HFL website launched!

This morning the Bodleian History Faculty Library’s new look website is being launched.

The new homepage

The new homepage

The site offers:

  • Information about how to find library resources including undergraduate set texts and reading lists, ebooks, ejournals and online databases
  • Details of one-to-one support, training courses and online guides for historians
  • Guidance about using Library including opening hours, book recommendation forms, access and services for readers with disabilities and borrowing and renewing books
  • Details about the management of the library, rules and regulations and the library staff.

New features:

  • Tailored content for undergraduate students, postgraduate students, academics and researchers and Oxford librarians
  • Live chat with the library staff.  Got a question about using the library?  Ask us live online!
  • Works well on smartphones and tablets

Bookmark our website here!

Let us know what you think
We look forward to hearing what you think of our new site – what you like about it and also how we can improve it further. You can tweet us, facebook us or email us your feedback to

New website coming soon

We are currently working on a new-look website, which should be released in beta testing mode soon.

Easier to use site
The new site will have a larger text size and we hope to make it easy to use and navigate.  We also aim to offer information about the services we provide in a more easily accessible format, which is tailored to different groups of users such as undergraduate students, postgraduate students or academic researchers.

roadsignTransition period
As we create our new site this week the existing site should still be accessible.  However, the work on the new site might make some things on our current live site display differently.  If you have any problems using our website or can’t find the information you need, please to contact us.

Road test our new site

Later this week our readers will be invited to road test our new site. Watch this space!

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Snow warning – plan ahead, keep up-to-date and use online resources

Radcliffe Camera in Snow

Snowy camera, original image by Simon Bentley

There’s some bad weather expected this week in Oxford and the surrounding areas, so here are our top 3 tips for minimising the impact of any disruption.

1) Plan ahead
If there is any severe weather there may be disruption to our deliveries of material requested from closed stacks.  If you urgently require material from the Book Storage Facility at Swindon then please place your order as soon as possible.

2) Keep up-to-date with disruption
Any information about disruption to services, such as delays in deliveries of closed stack material or alterations to library opening times will be posted online. We’ll put the news here on our blog and you can sign up to receive email alerts about new blog posts using the sign up box on the right of this page.  We’ll also spread the news on Twitter and Facebook.

You can also contact us by email at or phone us on 01865 277262 if you have any questions.

3) Look for online alternatives
You can access our services and many resources online. Bodleian History Faculty Library book can be renewed twice online via SOLO (see the SOLO guide for instructions on this).  Oxford University students and staff can also access a wealth of subscription journals and ebooks online even when they are off campus.  SOLO lists ebooks along side print editions.  Electronic journals and databases can be accessed via OxLIP+.  To access online resources when off campus, remember to sign in to SOLO or OxLIP+ with your single sign on.

History undergraduate and taught postgraduate students will also find links to online material and digitised set texts available on the HFL WebLearn sites under Resources for UGs and Resources for PGs (single sign on required).

English Historical Documents available via SOLO as ebooks

English Historical Documents available via SOLO as ebooks

For older material that is out of copyright, try searching sites such as the Internet Archive and Google Books for free online digitised copies.  We have also bookmarked hundred of free to access quality websites on our Delicious page.

For more information about about online resources for historians, visit the eResources section of our website or check out our resources for historians guides which includes a handy PDF guide on Primary Sources Online.

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Bodleian History Faculty Library closed from 5pm tomorrow to 2 Jan

The Bodleian Library, including the Bodleian History Faculty Library will be closed from 5pm tomorrow (Friday 21 December 2012) and re-open on Wednesday 2 January 2013.

For information about requesting books from the stacks during the Christmas period and early January, please see our information posted earlier this week.

Accessing online resources when off campus
Current members of the University can continue to access our ejournals and ebooks  24/7 by signing on with their single sign on in SOLO or OxLIP+ when searching for online resources.

Digitised set texts for undergraduate historians
Undergraduate historians studying special, optional and further subjects can access digitised set texts (where it has been possible to scan material under copyright restrictions) online using their single sign on.

Recommended websites
We have over 800 recommended websites for historians listed at Google Books, Project Gutenberg and the Internet Archive also offer free access to some older out of copyright works.

If you fancy some online festive cheer, then why not have a look behind the doors on the Bodleian Advent Calendar:

Bodleian Advent Calendar

Bodleian Advent Calendar

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Wellcome Unit Library: new website for history of medicine library in Oxford

The small specialist collections for History of Medicine in Oxford are housed in the Wellcome Unit Library.  It now has a new website with many features and news items.

It also has a number of tools to help users keep up-to-date with library news, latest book purchases, bookmarked resources, etc.

Blog –

Twitter –

LibraryThing (new books) – (bookmarked web resources)-

Latest bookmarked websites for historians 18/11

The latest online primary sources sites added to HFL Delicious are:

Cabinet Papers 1915-1978 (TNA)

The Cabinet Office provides the secretariat for the Cabinet and its committees. It maintains a systematic keeping of records of their meetings and business;

Ancient Petitions, Henry III – James I (TNA)

Search and download over 17,000 images from the series of Ancient Petitions which draws together petitions addressed to the king, to the king and council, to the king and council in parliament, to the chancellor, and to certain other officers of state.

Records of the Prime Minister’s Office (TNA)

You can search and download 130 Prime Minister’s Office records from the series PREM 19. These records cover the Conservative administration of Margaret Thatcher who came to power in May 1979, and was succeeded by John Major in 1990. At present these records extend to December 1979;

Manus online

MANUS is a database that includes descriptions and digitized images of manuscripts in Italian libraries public, private and ecclesiastical.

Jewlib: primary research sources for Jewish history & culture

A shared, online source of facts and information on primary research sources for the study of Jewish history and cultures. Includes online books and periodicals, online archives, personal papers, private Jewish book collections, Jewish Studies Collections, etc.

The Correspondence of William of Orange 1549-1584 (Instituut voor Nederlandse Geschiedenis)

The Correspondence of William of Orange 1549-1584 “aims to present a complete survey of all the surviving correspondence associated with William of Orange (1533-1584). As well as letters it includes also commissions, petitions, instructions and speeches. So far, 12,609 documents have been found and the oldest letter dates from 1549.

Bakwin Soviet Posters Collection

This collection contains nineteen Soviet political posters produced in the early 1930s. The majority of the posters promote the First Five Year Plan (1928-1932), a series of industrial targets designed by the Stalinist regime to build up heavy industry in the Soviet Union.  The posters depict various aspects of the industrialization and militarization drive of this period, as well as general themes in the communist worldview and important moments in Marxist history.

New website: Oxfordshire History

You may be interested in the following free website which was launched this week and is hosted by the History Faculty: Oxfordshire History 

This site is a guide and reference source for researchers and potential researchers into Oxfordshire’s history, archaeology, landscape and buildings. It aims to provide concise support and guidance on use of the mass of published accounts and raw materials concerning Oxfordshire’s past. The site offers an historical framework and sequences of information and ideas, from which selected links, downloadable texts, and suggested reading, contacts and activities are designed to enable users to go on to further and more detailed investigations of their choice.

The site has been planned as a successor to ‘Oxfordshire: a handbook for students of local history’, edited by Molly Barratt and David Vaisey (1973).

The website adds emphasis on archaeology, buildings and landscape is intended to widen and integrate the approach to Oxfordshire history. Listings of contacts, organisations, projects, events and publications will be regularly updated, and new content can be developed. Coverage refers to the present-day county of Oxfordshire, i.e. the historic county established c. 1007 plus the Vale of White Horse, transferred from Berkshire in the local government re-organisations of 1974.

It is listed in HFL Delicious pages and OxLIP+ under History > Local history.