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We have just added the website to our HSMT Oxford Delicious page.  The Pulse Project offers dozens of podcasts and video lectures on the sciences and medical humanities. 

The lectures have been drawn from international conferences on The Disease Within: Confinement in Europe, 1400-1800 (Oxford Brookes), Health and Society: Private and Public Medical Traditions in Greece and the Balkans (1453-1920) (Athens), The History of Medicine Museum in Past and Present (Budapest), Eugenics, Race and Psychiatry in the Baltic States (Riga) and Greater Romania’s National Projects (Oxford Brookes).   

There are also guest lectures from courses at Oxford Brookes University, such as Charles Webster’s recent lecture to undergraduates on The British NHS: Brave New Worlds? and Alan Hawley on Minds at War: War Psychiatry since World War One

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