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New books in the library

Today we added two new books to the Wellcome Unit Library’s shelves:

Foucault’s History of Madness RC 438 FOU 2009

Weisz’s The Medical Mandarins: the French Academy in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries R504 WEI 1995

Both the books are on reading lists for advanced papers in the MSc History of Science, Medicine and Technology at the University of Oxford.

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Free Public Lectures on History and Philosophy of Evidence-Based Health Care

University of Oxford History and Philosophy of Evidence-Based Health Care:
Free Public Lectures

Two lectures, offered as part of a new accredited short course ‘History and Philosophy of Evidence-Based Health Care’, are now open to the general public.
Why Brains Can’t Think: Exposing the Mereological Fallacy
Rom Harré, Emeritus Fellow of Linacre College
Monday 16th July, 7pm: Rewley House
For more information visit:

Translating Evidence into Recommendations for Action: the Role of Judgement in the Appraisal of Evidence in Medicine and Public Health.
Professor Mike Kelly. Director of the Centre for Public Health Excellence, NICE.
Wednesday 18th July 2012, 7pm: Rewley House
For more information visit:

Full details about the History and Philosophy of Evidence-Based Health Care course can be found on our website:

“History of science without philosophy of science is blind … philosophy of science without history of science is empty” – Norwood Russell Hanson

WUHMO Seminar Monday 11 June on the Piano Plague

 A young woman plays the piano

Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images

Trinity Term 2012 Seminar Series

At: The Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine
Seminar Room, 47 Banbury Road, Oxford

Medicine, Leisure and the Arts
Convener: Dr Elise Smith

Week 8 – 11 June
James Kennaway, Durham University
The Piano Plague: The Nineteenth-century Medical Critique of Female Musical Education

About the speaker
Dr James Kennaway is a lecturer at Durham University’s Centre for the History of Medicine and Disease. He has previously studies at UCLA, King’s College (London), the Wellcome Institute (London) and the London School of Economics.  He is currently working on a project entitled ‘Pathological Sounds: The History of Music as a Threat to the Nerves‘.


Note: Oxford University members can access the full text of the above articles via Oxlip+.

Coffee is available from 2.00pm – Seminars begin at 2.15pm prompt
All are welcome to join the speaker for lunch beforehand.  Please contact Elise Smith ( for more details.

Please note there is no parking

The complete list of seminars for Trinity Term 2012 can be found at