Courses on finding and using images next week

The following sessions are open to members of Oxford University.  History of medicine students and academics are likely to be particularly interested in these courses, given the wealth of relevant images out there, from pictures taken by missionaries to early engravings of the human body.

ARTstor and Bridgeman: Using images in teaching and learning

Tuesday 20 November, 14:00-16:00
The course examines two major digital image collections subscribed to by the University – ARTstor and Bridgeman Education – geared to research and teaching in the humanities, history of science and medicine, and social sciences. Viewing, presenting and managing images are also covered.
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Digital images: Sourcing, adapting and safe keeping

Tuesday 13 November, 09:15-12:15
Digital images are a valuable part of your research, sometimes critically so. This three hour session will introduce you to some of the key issues that you need to be aware of when sourcing, adapting and using digital images. Although the focus is the use of images in an academic context, the ideas covered are equally relevant to your personal image collections.
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