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Christmas Closure and Online Resources at the Wellcome Unit Library

Wellcome Unit in the snow by Bethan Jenkins

Wellcome Unit in the snow by Bethan Jenkins

The Welcome Unit Library will be open this week:

  • Tuesday 18 Dec (today) 2.15-5.00
  • Wednesday 19 Dec 2.15-5.00
  • Thursday 20 Dec 2.15-5.00
  • Friday 21 Dec 2.15-3.00 – closing early

The library will be closed from 3.00pm on Friday 21 Dec to 2.15 on Wednesday 2 Jan 2013.

Welcome Unit opening hours in start of January 2013

  • Wednesday 2 Jan 2.15-4.30
  • Thursday 3 Jan 2.15-4.30
  • Friday 4 Jan – Monday 7 Jan closed
  • Tuesday 8 – Friday 11 Jan 2.15-5.00

If you would like to visit the Wellcome Unit Library please contact us in advance to arrange an appointment by emailing

While the Library is closed there are lots of interesting online resources available for history of medicine scholars to access 24/7. We have a variety of websites bookmarked on our HSMTOxford Delicious page.

Free online books
Many out of copyright medical texts are available to read in full online via the Internet Archive and Google Books.  The Internet Archive’s Medical Heritage Library continues to be added to and currently has nearly 45000 items, including texts and videos, from various institutions, including the National Library of Medicine and New York Public Library. For French and Latin speakers, the Bibliotheque numerique Medic@ provides a wealth of original sources and also biographical information about key medical figures.

Contagions blog

Contagions blog

Blogs and Project websites
Find out what your fellow historians are researching on one of the many fascinating history of medicine blogs and project websites online.  Our favourites include:

If this has whetted your appetite, the Contagions blog is hosting this month’s On Giants’ Shoulders history of science carnival and has a great selection of links to current articles and blog posts across the web.

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