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pulse project

Pulse Project podcasts

Oxford Brookes University’s Pulse Project has recently published a new batch of podcasts  on the history of medicine.  They are recordings from last semester’s “Psychiatry in the Public and Private Spheres” series by the Centre for Health, Medicine, and Society.  Here are the details of the podcasts:

•1st Seminar: Dan Healey (University of Reading ), “Disabled Prisoners in the Stalin-era Gulag (1930-1953).” 5 February 2013.

•2nd Seminar: Tracey Loughran (Cardiff University), “‘You are a hero’: Masculinity and will in British medical discourse on shell-shock, c. 1914-1920.” 19 February 2013.

•3rd Seminar: Thomas Müller (University of Ulm at Ravensburg), “Medical History, the Historian’s Reality and the Public: The Example of National Socialist Psychiatry.” 5 March 2013.

•4th Seminar: Louise Hide (Birkbeck, University of London), “Rats Biting, Worms Crawling, Devils at Work: Can recorded delusions provide historians with insight into the subjective experiences of asylum patients?” 19 March 2013.

•5th Seminar:  Linda Reeder (University of Missouri), The Means to An End: Psychiatry and the Significance of Marriage in Liberal Italy.” 16 April 2013.

•6th Seminar: Waltraud Ernst (Oxford Brookes University), “Colonialism and Transnational Psychiatry: The Case of the Ranchi Indian Mental Hospital, c. 1925-1940.” 30 April 2013.

Other History of Medicine podcasts

Birkbeck Pain Project’s podcasts on “Pain and its meanings” (7-8 December 2012) and a number of other podcasts from earlier events organised by the project.

University College Dublin’s podcasts from the “Healthcare systems, regional and comparative perspectives in Britain and Ireland, 1850-1960” conference (8-9 June 2012)

sick city talks

Sick City podcasts on Sound Cloud

Sick City Talks [on London] which form part of a Wellcome Trust funded project on  the history, literature, art and science of medicine in London.

National Archives have various podcasts on the history of medicine and health, including Hamish Maxwell-Stewart on “Morbidity and mortality on convict voyages to 19th century Australia” and Julie Anderson’s “From wheelchair polo to winning professionals: the history of the Paralympics”

The Northern Centre for the History of Medicine, Newcastle University has a Pybus Podcast Collection of recording from the Pybus Seminar Series.

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