Stethoscopes and Petticoats: The Changing Roles of Non-Conformist Women

The next exhibition at The Angus Library, Regent’s Park College, is Stethoscopes and Petticoats: The Changing Roles of Non-Conformist Women.

The exhibition will use materials from the Angus Library and Archive to demonstrate the amazing contribution that non-conformist women made to the changing social landscape of Britain and beyond, in the fields of literature, ministry, medicine and social reform.  On display will be items from the archives of the ground-breaking doctor Ellen Farrer; a Baptist Times article from 1900: Should Minister’s wives be paid salaries?; and an exciting recent discovery of a very rare tract by Elizabeth Heyrick arguing for the complete abolition of slavery: Reasons for substituting East India for West India sugar. Many items in the exhibition have not been on display before. The display is complemented by two free lectures:

  • Monday 17th March  5.30pm:    Cindy Aalders will speak on “The Life and Hymns of Anne Steele”. Anne Steele is recognised as the most significant female hymn writer of the 18th century, composing over 140 hymns, numerous poems and prose meditations, and setting many psalms to verse.
  • Wednesday 19th March 5.30pm:    Hilary Ingram will speak on “The Life of Dr Ellen Farrer”, a pioneer female doctor who set sail for InEllen-Farrer-Surgery-510x320dia in 1891.


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